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Although styles change, weddings themselves will never really change. A day where beauty, emotions, joy and spirit all combine to create an incredible, memorable celebration of love and the creation of a new life, for you and your loved ones, is a true gift and one of the most powerful life moments we can experience.

The process of putting together your ideal wedding: getting inspired, gathering elements that fit your life and reflect your style and communicate your love, and very importantly, finding the right resources and professionals to bring your vision to life; well that’s the same as its always been.

You need to start with the right wedding ceremony and reception venue, then find wedding services professionals who know what they're doing and that fit with your personality to bring your day to life. We're not just talking 'stuff' here we are talking about the people, places and things that will become a part of the very fabric of a day you plan to remember with great fondness for the rest of your life. We truly hope our combination of ideas, inspiration, resources and information helps you find your way to the wedding you envision and so richly deserve.

Enjoy. Pamela Ann Noxon, Editor in Chief