Come on down to the Catamaran Resort June 6 for a Rum Tasting Party!

Don’t be shy, come have a Mai Tai and join The Catamaran Resort in Pacific Beach as they launch their rum social series, Wednesday, June 6.

This tasting experience is in partnership with Malahat Spirits Co., who have created a vanilla and cinnamon-infused rum that is exclusively available at the Catamaran. Each guest will receive two signature rum cocktails along with perfectly paired bites from Oceana Coastal Kitchen. Seats are limited, so click here to book your spot today!


Platinum Party Rentals offers all the fun wedding trends for your San Diego wedding!

From lighting, draping, furnishings and decor, San Diego's wedding and event rental experts Platinum Party Rentals brings so much to the table for your wedding! But they also have some of the hottest wedding trends in stock and ready to go - like Peacock chairs, amethyst glass, funky rustic bars, and wood aisle runners and so much more! Check out just a tiny bit of the latest wedding decor trends that they have just waiting for you to add to your wedding! 

The Second Dress - Are You Changing into a Reception Dress at Your Wedding?

We know Meghan (now Duchess of Sussex) changed into a gorgeous Stella McCartney design for her reception -  we’re wondering how do you feel about the “two dress” wedding? If you have an extremely elaborate gown for your ceremony and find it difficult to really move, dance, and enjoy yourself -then a second dress is a nice way to get more comfortable and really get boots on the ground at your reception!


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Proposal Tips and Trends by Prime Style Jewelry or Getting Him to Propose!

In case you are not where you want to be yet with your honey, the jewelry experts at Prime Style have some great advice: Five Ways to Get Him to Propose!

Sometimes, getting a man to propose is one of the most challenging feats ever. It’s not that he doesn’t love you, but that he may just be clueless about what it is that you want.

Men are wired differently than women are, so he may be contented with your relationship as it is while you’re daydreaming about a forever family. Here are five tips for getting him to propose to you. Try them, and see if they take him closer to popping the question.

Meet His Family

Something about meeting your mate’s family will bring you closer together. Suggest having dinner at his parents’ house if you’ve never met them before. A “meet the parents” meal is sort of a gateway to a proposal because it’s as intimate as you can get with him. If his parents like you, he will be more likely to propose.

Get your family involved, as well. Talk about your beau, and let them know that you’re interested in having them meet him. Take the opportunity to get deeper with him, and let him into your childhood. Your relationship will reach a whole new level at that time.

Probe Him during a Movie

Probing him doesn’t mean jabbing him with an alien analytic device. It just means that you should pick his brain a bit and bring up marriage during something relevant, like a romantic movie.

Interject during the most romantic part of the movie, and say something to drop a hint. You can be blatant if you want as well. “I wish that were us” may work for you if you say it at just the right time.

Take Him Window-Shopping

Nothing says “I’m ready for you to propose to me” like some glistening, affordable wedding ring sets. You’ll have to take him window-shopping for this trick to work. Take him out to your favorite mall, and then stop by the jeweler so he can get a good, close look at what you want. Try a ring on if you want to be a bit bolder, and drop a “How do I look in this?” line.

Another trick you can use is asking for a specific piece. If you see something you like, look at him with puppy-dog eyes and say, “Can I have that one . . . now?”

Discuss It Over a Home-Cooked Meal

You already know that a way to man’s heart is through the meal that you prepare. Therefore, you will have to create a masterpiece of a meal for him. Wait until he’s full and content, and say something like “How would you like to have meals like that for the rest of your life?”

Sure, it may sound like you’re proposing to him, but you're not. You're just helping to increase his awareness of your desire to wed. You’re just giving him a little hint as to what to do next. He can still give you an amazing experience when he asks for your lovely hand.

Just Be Honest

Finally, if all else fails, just tell him outright that you’re thinking about marriage. The most important thing in a relationship, whether or not it’s a marriage, is honesty. When you’re expressing your most candid thoughts on the subject, you may discover if you’re envisioning the same thing for your future.

Sometimes, the conversation may reveal some differences in your outlook and personalities, but knowing those early on will help you decide if you can strike a compromise at all and how you can settle these differences. A serious conversation about marriage may be unpleasant, heavy, and intense at times, but knowing your partner’s real thoughts is worth the discomfort, as you don’t want your marriage to be written off as a regrettable decision later on.

Those are just a few good ways that you can introduce the idea of a possible marriage to your man. Try all those on the list. If they don’t work, you’ll be able to think of some additional creative ones. 

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Handling Nerves on Your Wedding Day a Word to Meghan and to You!

So how nervous do you think Meghan Markle is right about now? Every bride deals with nervousness on the day of her wedding - whether your wedding is 4 friends at the beach or the millions watching an American girl wed a Prince at tonight's Royal Wedding. We at #lovetotallyplanlocally have been a part of over 500 wedding ceremonies and helped many couples through lots of nerves, so here's a few tips for Meghan and for you! 

1.  Nerves are Natural and They're a Good Sign

Your wedding day is a turning point of leaving one life for another - even if you've been living together for years there is something magical and deep and invisible that happens at a wedding. You are psychologically and physically transitioning from a single person, or an "I", to half of a partnership, or a "We".  You are also joining a whole second family [or third] and will be woven into their past and future forever. If you are not feeling at all nervous as you shift this deep understanding of who you are as a person, something is actually missing. So embrace your nerves and step into your new life and new self! 

2. Nervousness Means the Power is Building

Nerves signal a large amount of energy is building and a personal power shift is happening. Think of big wave surfing. That is a lot of power building but what a ride it will be! If you were to get up and speak in front of 2 people you would feel different than if you were going onto Oprah or Ellen in front of millions. So really more nerves you are feeling, the more power you are building so instead of being afraid of nerves ride the wave! 

3. Get Grounded by Those Who Love You

If you are really getting into anxiety attack level of nerves pre wedding find a rock. Sadly, sometimes this may not be your immediate family. If other people are causing a little more stress than centeredness [remember your family is nervous and full or emotions too!], then seek out someone who really grounds you and loves you the way you are. This may be your bestie or even the very person you are about to marry! We know you're not supposed to see each other before the ceremony but seeing your true love in a sweet moment may just make all the fears disappear as you remember why you are getting married and what it's all about. 

4. Eat Some Comfort Food

You would be amazed at how many brides go down the aisle on an empty tummy! And your chance to eat anything [or go tot he bathroom!] diminishes as the day goes along as you never get a second to your self! Eating some comfort food - even a little - will really help ground you - there's no sense in having whacked out blood sugar from not eating distorting your mood on top of every thing else so pass the mashed potatoes! 

So stay cool - okay maybe have that pre ceremony mimosa - but seriously not too much alcohol though- the power of being the recipient of a ceremony of marriage is, in a word, intoxicating, and you want to feel and remember every minute of this amazing, powerful, big wave ride of when you transformed into someone new! Congratulations!! 

Market Lighting by SociaLights Adds a Burst of Light to Your Evening Outdoor San Diego Wedding!

Lighting adds so much energy and life to an outdoor evening soiree! And this market lighting by SociaLights - San Diego's outdoor lighting experts - is just the ticket for transforming even the plainest of spaces in to a magical, romantic land [of very flattering light for your guests] with subtle bursts of light that will charm and inspire all of your guests! You can see their amazing lights in person [and meet this super social philanthropic team] at the May 20 Wedding Party EXPO! 

oooh and check out SociaLights' vintage road signs for an extra fun welcome to your wedding! 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall What Is the Coolest Photo Booth of All?!

If you want your photo booth to look as amazing as the rest of your wedding why not choose the most gorgeous photo booth by Fashionair with Mirror Me technology!! Mirror Me is the latest, coolest, interactive photo booth technology that all your guests will love! Why not place right this beauty right at the entrance to your wedding and capture your guests' anticipation and the love on their faces right from the get go! You can meet the super friendly Fashionair team in person (and try this baby out and see for your self how fun it is!) at the May 20 Wedding Party EXPO

Loving the Wild Life and Wonder of Love at this Wild Animal Park Wedding

We love nature and wildlife in weddings! And in San Diego nobody does it better than the Safari Park / Wild Animal Park in Escondido like in this wedding!  The Safari Park just opened a gorgeous new venue overlooking the African Savannah part of the Park and we love it! We especially enjoy seeing all the flat out fun this adorable couple had at their own wedding - which is so so important and can actually get lost in the shuffle if you're not careful!  So if you think you want a wedding as unique and special as Tamara and Chris' - get your Cheetah [and Giraffe and Tiger and Lion....] on and check out this wildly exciting wedding venue that is truly like no other! 

Photographer:   Willmus Weddings//Event Planner: Willmus Weddings//Makeup Artist: The Pretty Parlor//Event Designer: Event Supplier Inc//Cake Designer:Flour Power Cakery//Reception Venue: San Diego Zoo Safari Park//Event Planner: Willmus Weddings//

Editor’s note: Tamara and Chris’ wedding took place at the latest ( and very spectacular ) addition to the Safari Park, the Kajamii Pavilion.  This recently opened space over looks the awe-inspiring beauty of the African Plains area of the Park and transports guests to an African safari style experience with panoramic views of the savanna where giraffes, rhinos, and gazelles roam. This unique venue is reminiscent of a South African lodge, with open rafters, a baobab tree bar and lovely safari-inspired accents.  Kijamii is Swahili for "social", an appropriate name for the Safari Park's newest gathering spot!

Save the Date! May 20 The Fabulous Wedding Party EXPO comes to North County!

San Diego's coolest wedding expo with all the vendors, fashion, food, drinks and ideas to have you planning in style! The May 20, 2018 Wedding Party EXPO will be at the exciting upscale architectural marvel that is north county's The Centre home to Lexus and everybody's favorite north county inland hot spot Vintana Wine & Dine, right on highway 15. 

You will love The San Diego Wedding Party EXPO! Engaged couples and guests come enjoy a special day like no other to plan your wedding! Come enjoy this special show in a beautiful, historic setting and enjoy 3 floors and 2 exhibit halls, a top designer fashion shows, over 75 of the top local wedding experts, stylists, professional services, photographers, florists, caterers, coordinators, bakers, dessertiers, hair and makeup artists, ceremony venues, reception venues, videographers, honeymoon specialists, musical entertainment and more.

The Wedding Party is San Diego's sophisticated wedding planning day for all couples with cocktails, fashion, wedding experts and 20,000 square feet of wedding inspiration.

And hey pssst! If you register on their special Facebook page registry you can get free General Admission tickets for 2 with access to all of the show! That's a $40 value! Wooo hooo!! 

Bridal Beauty Just For You by Bella D'Ora Salon and Spa San Diego's Wedding Beauty Experts

Bridal Beauty is such a personal thing! You want to look like you but your absolute best and more beautiful to enhance all the love but also get photographed and videoed looking recognizable and stylish! Bella D'Ora Salon and Spa know their beauty! Check out these Bohemian beauty looks for the bride who loves to be on trend! 

Christine Alvarado, bridal beauty expert from Bella D'Ora Salon ad Spa says " The Bohemian bridal hair is a nontraditional, laid-back, romantic, whimsical style. This look incorporates braids, loose waves, and has a tasseled, lived-in feel. The perfect accenting make-up for the Boho bride look is a fresh, glowing face with hints of color that [of course!] accent the bride's best features. For the bride with a little edge to her style, we do a bold lip and a darker eye pallet." We love this look and know you will too! 

Del Mar Wedding Celebrates True Love on the Beach and Those Who Serve in Style

Games, the beach, the ocean, friends, family and fun and our fave the military saber arch (sword salute)! This charming wedding on the beach celebrates true love and those who serve, in style!

Danny is in the Marine Corps and due to, deployments and training it took this gorgeous couple (who are already legally married) tow years to finally have time to have their dream wedding! The wedding theme was beachy natural earthy colors -gray, champagne/ivory, dusty mint, sage, blush and the bride Jacque even did her own flowers! Their romantic and intimate ceremony was on the beach in the sand at the Del Mar Beach Resort in Camp Pendleton. After, the guests enjoyed beach games such as Jenga, Cornhole, Ringtoss at the Cocktail hour. Their lively reception was in a tent on the beach directly behind the ceremony site, where there was lots of dancing, fun party props/hats and S'mores! The fun Bride and Groom had special military themed cookies and donuts instead of a cake!  

Photographer:   Bob Hoffman Photography & Video//Event Venue: MCCS Del Mar Beach Resort//Floral Designer:Jacque Schreiner//Dress Designer:BHLDN//Officiant:James Eason//Bridesmaid Dresses:ShowMeYourMumu//DJ:Nick Weiss Music//Dress Designer: BHLDN//Caterer:Issac's Catering//Musicians:Nick Weiss Music//

The return of the silk satin, classic bridal gown by Ines Di Santos

There’s nothing quite as beautiful, rich and classic as the silk satin bridal gallon like this beauty by Ines Di Santo featured at M Bride salon La Jolla. Silk satin was the fabric for dressy gowns of the Victorian era [and then in the 1950's - think satin and pearl as a classic formal dinner attire] and satin made from silk has a luscious sheen and a smooth 'melted icing' finish that exudes luxury. 

Al Fresco Ambiance Makes this San Diego Wedding at Green Acres a Must See

For their extra special San Diego wedding, Kate and Bud loved the urban yet green ambiance of Green Acres, and strived for a outdoor and nontraditional reception.  She loves moody colors so the florals range from different shades of red with lots of textures of greenery all of which paired beautifully with the velvet mauve linens. The outcome was an urban, romantic, al fresco ambiance that we just love!

Do you believe in fate? In lovers that were meant to be together no matter what? When we heard about Bud & Kate, we just knew they were meant to be and it gave us goosebumps!  In her early 20's, Kate was in a bad car accident where, thankfully, a good Samaritan [hero!] bystander pulled her out of the car where she was unconscious. Flash forward a couple years to one night when she was out with friends and spotted a guy that she was very attracted to....they ended up chatting, (he felt the attraction too), and they exchanged numbers.  On their first date they discovered it was Bud that had pulled her out of the car!  You can't call that coincidence! Their connection was instant and so powerful, and they've been inseparable ever since.  

Photographer:   Be A Peach Boudoir//Event Planner: Wynn Austin Events//Other:By Design Films//Other:Green Acre, Campus Pointe//Equipment Rentals:Farm Tables and More//Linens and Coverings: Raphael's Party Rentals//Equipment Rentals: Raphael's Party Rentals//Other:Clara An Photography//Makeup Artist:Makeup by Shelby//Hair Stylist:Riss Hair//Floral Designer: Blush Botanicals//DJ: SGM Events (Sleeping Giant Music)//Musicians: Subito Strings//Bakery: Flour Power Cakery//Restaurant:Green Acre Campus Pointe//

Remember to Have Fun and Roll with the Surprises with Life AND Your Wedding Photos!

Life is full of surprises! And when you venture out into [very] public places with your best friends, feeling the love and connection you have, styled to look extra special, well you never know what you might attract! We love this photo by San Diego wedding photographers First and Orange Photography! It reminds us to roll with the surprises you might encounter and always have fun no matter who or what you run into!  We say don't fight surprises during a shoot, embrace them; stray lifeguards, surprise weather, people or happenings in your engagement photo session may make for some of your best times and most talked about memories. Being in the zone of love and connectedness makes for amazing memories and trying to control every aspect of life will kill a good mood [and good photo] every time - so plan for what you can and then enjoy life as it unfolds for you as a constant, joyful, surprise! 

Temecula Winery Wedding is a Bright and Sunny Ode to Simple Elegance and Love

Priscilla and Daniel's winery wedding was an ode to simple touches than communicated a lot of love [and a little purple!]. They celebrated their next step surrounded by loved ones at the gorgeous Falkner Winery wedding venue in Temecula, Ca. With a lawn ceremony, showcasing the rolling hills of the vineyard as backdrop, and a super fun wedding reception to follow in the restaurant, this day shone with their bright and sunny joy and love. 

Photographer:   Michelle Peterson Photography//Groomsman Attire: Men's Wearhouse//Bridesmaid Dresses:David's Bridal//Floral Designer: Kwasney Designs//Cake Designer:Tasteful Cakes//Jewelry: Jared//Other Location: Falkner Winery//

Ines di Santo shows off the Bridal Jumpsuit at NYBFW

Fabulously talented and well known bridal designer Ines Di Santo always tales risks - that's how you move an industry forward and keep others [and yourself!] inspired- especially in fashion.
So its no surprise the designer known for bold, dramatic, uber feminine styling has create her own take on the bridal Jumpsuit Gown. Take a look! If you're not into jumpsuits you can still find the most gorgeous bridal gowns by Ines Di Santo at local bridal fashion specialist M bride Salon in La Jolla

Romantic Winter Wedding Styled Shoot in Our Fave Little Mountain Town Outside San Diego; Julian!

Nestled away in the mountains of Southern California is the cozy little country town of Julian. Sacred Mountain Julian is the perfect venue for nuptials at any time of year, but it will truly steal your heart as the perfect setting for a Wintry themed, mountain wedding, with, of course a gorgeous couple and a beautiful Black Beauty horse model! 

Lesli and Spencer, have been married for six years, but took advantage of this opportunity to relive their newlywed days and remember exactly what it was like when they first said "I do". Being that Spencer serves in the US Marine Corps, photographer Katie Hammond couldn't think of a more deserving couple to feature in her styled wedding shoot. It's lovely to see the love and fire are alive and well (and going strong!) after six years of marriage! 

Drenched in rich tones of burgundy and gold, my shoot featured stunning details like two pairs of Badgley Mischka heels dripping in jewels, vast views of mountains and fields, gorgeous black horses, and black bridesmaid dresses (and they TOTALLY pulled it off!). 

Photographer:   Katie Hammond Photography//Model: Groom//Model: Bridesmaid//Model: Kaila Cotler//Model: Bride//Other: Wine Tasting Jen//Groomsman Attire: Stitch and Tie//Calligrapher: Sam Allen Creates//Invitation Designer: Bloom Stationery Co//Beauty: Bridal by Haydee//Dress Designer: d'angelo couture//Cake Designer: Sweet Maples Creations//Floral Designer: Studio 2053 Floral and Event Design//Event Venue: Sacred Mountain Julian//