San Diego City Hall Elopement with Pop of Red Really Charms

On a warm Tuesday morning in August, Matt and Josie met outside of the San Diego Court House. The stunning Art Deco building on downtown San Diego on the harbor served as the location for this gorgeous private elopement.

Josie: “I love my hunny’s thoughts and ideas about the world. He is incredibly intelligent and easy to please. I love that people like him right away and that he gets along well with everyone he meets. I love how he makes me feel about myself and how I am so comfortable around him. We get along very well and have very rarely had any disagreements. I love how he’s a thoughtful person and great listener. And of course how handsome he is!”

Photo by: Great Woodland Photography

Matt: “Josie makes our relationship fun and easy. She is amiable, quick to smile, and full of energy. We always laugh because of her “spunkiness.” She’s a wonderful partner that enhances every activity. Her intelligence and determination have motivated me to become a better person. On top of all that she is gorgeous. I am forever grateful and fortunate she has chosen to spend her life with me.”

Josie & Matt: “Our relationship is non-traditional and is molded to our personalities. We compliment each other extremely well. Here's to being married happily ever after!”

Vendor Credits:

Location: San Diego City Hall

Photography: Great Woodland Photography

Floral Designer: Green Fresh Florals

Makeup Artist: Glam Solita Stephanie