Bride:  Ronnee Brown Groom:  Josh Bugiel

You know we love to showcase weddings at gorgeous venues in exciting locations like resorts, hotels, wineries and yachts and all...but can you keep a secret? We are suckers for the home wedding. Let’s face it for thousands of years everyone celebrated their wedding reception at home! Your family and your village would come together to create your wedding reception out of love and loyalty to your clan. So here is a wedding that took place at a home near San Diego area with a celebration clearly enjoyed by all… including the chickens on the dance floor. You just cannot top chickens on the dance a whole new perspective to the chicken dance doesn't it? 

Ronnee & Josh got married in her parent’s San Diego area backyard. The couple tied the knot under a majestic tree in the front yard and moved the celebration to the backyard where they dance on a hand painted dance floor. The guys spend the morning arranging tables and centerpieces. Josh wore his park ranger uniform [who doesn’t love a man in a uniform?!] and Ronnee opted out of shoes, for some jeweled anklets. A family friend made all the beautiful flowers and the bride chose to have a first look with her father that had everyone in tears.

Mid celebration, the bride’s parents surprised the couple with a mariachi band after their first dance which really livened things up. And to top it all off the hosts [who have a chicken coop on their property] grabbed a lucky chicken and brought him to the dance floor to show off his moves all night long.

Once again we get to share with you a wedding that we think you would have loved – from the looks of this emotion filled party, we wish we had crashed this one!

Vendor Credits:

Photography:  This Rad Love