Stylish, unique, soulful and fun wedding inspiration, with all the local vendors, amazing venues, fashion, style boards & color inspiration you want and more in a local format by real people who are very in touch with today's weddings, event people and trends! That's what is all about and that's why we say  "love totally, plan locally!"

Although styles change, weddings themselves will never really change. A day where beauty, emotions, joy and spirit all combine to create an incredible, memorable celebration of love and the creation of a new life, for you and your loved ones, is a true gift and one of the most powerful life moments we can experience. 

Our mission: to offer fresh, unique, stylish and relevant wedding ideas and relationship information, delivered with editorial content that is respectful, uplifting, empowering, intelligent and best of all: original. We will offer a unique voice that speaks to all generations of bride and groom: the fresh, young Millenials, savvy Echo generation, the ultra-hip Gen X-ers, the stylish Tweeners and the ever sophisticated Boomers. Our goal is to honor the profoundness of the wedding ritual; reflect the uniqueness of each couple’s style and expression of love; inspire people to see their own beauty; and to hopefully transform our little corner of the world into something even more beautiful and, ultimately, loving.

The process of putting together your ideal wedding:  getting inspired, gathering elements that fit your life and reflect your style and communicate your love, and very importantly, finding the right resources and professionals to bring your vision to life; well that’s the same as its always been. You need to find people who know what they're doing and that fit with your personality to bring your day to life. We're not just talking 'stuff' here we are talking about the people, places and things that will become a part of the very fabric of a day you plan to remember with great fondness for the rest of your life.

We truly hope our combination of ideas, inspiration and information helps you find your way to the wedding you envision and truly deserve.

Enjoy. Pamela Ann Noxon, Editor in Chief is a local wedding resource founded in 1998 full to the brim with amazing wedding experts, suppliers, advice, information, style ideas and inspiration. We pride ourselves on generating tons of creative original content and showing a true respect for all aspects of planning a major life event and a healthy relationship that lives on after the wedding. 's philosophy is based on respect for all individuals [straight or LGBT, local or out of towners] who need real help and a loving perspective to help them plan their wedding the way they want.'s respects and understands the small business person and strives to meeting the needs of the specialty wedding service vendors and help local wedding professionals succeed in a highly competitive market.

We love to give back. We donate to various philanthropic causes for each advertiser contract we receive including planting trees, supporting shelters and foster children. 

Pamela Ann Noxon, Founder & Creator was created by Pamela Ann Noxon out of a sheer love for weddings and respect for all brides' and grooms' individuality and range of styles.

After officiating over 500 custom multi-faith, multi-cultural, non religious weddings and partnership ceremonies [before marriage equality was legalized in California] in the San Diego area, Pamela took her skills as a counselor, teacher of spirituality, professional speaker and writer and launched which was soon followed by the creation of The Wedding Party Bridal Show, San Diego's only upscale and fashion forward bridal fair and fashion show and Pamela's Parasols.

Frequently interviewed on television, radio, in print and online, Pamela believes "A wedding is a stressful event to plan, it's more than just a party, it is a coming together of two lives, two families and often two different backgrounds and ways of living. I wanted to create a resource where brides and grooms could find all of the wedding services, inspiration, styles and ideas they need to plan a truly San Diego wedding and usable relationship tools and advice to help navigate what may be a couple's first round of major decision making together: wedding planning. I believe in true love and that a wedding is a form of communication. A great wedding - in any range of budget- should, first and foremost, reflect and communicate the love that the bride and groom generate so that every guest can feel the power of that love. To be able to focus on this- the only thing that matters- you need really qualified professionals taking care of everything else!"


Blair Southerland, Sales, Media and Vendor Relations


We welcomed our lovely Sales and Media and Vendor Relations Manager in 2016 to our team of caring promotions and media experts. Blair has experience in digital media, weddings and public relations and we know you will love her as much as we do!  Blair graduated in 2012 from The University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. After graduation, Blair worked in the digital marketing department for the local NBC affiliate news station in Memphis, TN.

In early 2013, she married her husband, Wil, in downtown Memphis. Over the course of the next 3 years, the couple moved to 4 different states for her husband’s job in the United States Marine Corps. Throughout this time, Blair worked in SEO as an independent agent and in a consultant position.  Blair and her husband have relocated to sunny San Diego with their Labrador Retriever (Tony) and cat (Zoe). Having a love for weddings and sales, Blair is enthusiastic about helping local wedding professionals reach the engaged couples they want to work with on!




Nicole Robb, Site Production


Nicole came to as a native Australian and her down to earth perspective keeps us real.

We call her Muriel from the Australian film "Muriel's Wedding" just to tease her a little but she is sharp as a tack and the technical stuff and does all our building and site work.

When asked for a photo of herself, Nicole sent us this shot of a krueller / donut and that's why we love her!