10 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner By San Diego La Di Da Weddings

We asked San Diego based Wedding Planner Lisa of La Di Da Weddings for her top 10 Reasons why you need a Professional Wedding Planner:

  1. A Professional Wedding Planner saves you time – did you know the average wedding takes over 200 hours of planning!? That's a 5 week vacation you could have! 
  2. A Professional Wedding Planner saves you money – a wedding planner is a repeat customer to many vendors and knows all kinds of tip and tricks for cutting costs that you couldn't possibly know your first time out wedding planning!
  3. A Professional Wedding Planner acts as your “Go To” – No more hassling, stressful (and sometimes annoying) questions from vendors, family and friends while you are trying to actually enjoy your own wedding!
  4. A Professional Wedding Planner allows you to have a worry-free day.  You can begin to relax and have fun with your guests.
  5. A Professional Wedding Planner handles any and all crises behind the scenes so as not to have any issues or problems broadcast to you or your guests. 
  6. A Professional Wedding Planner saves your friends and family from having to work on your behalf and missing out on all the fun. Keep your guests as guests and your family as witness to your big day! 
  7. A Professional Wedding Planner recommends vendors you can trust. Wedding planners are always vetting other vendors to recommend to you. Think of a Planner as your conductor for the day. How well can an orchestra play if they've never worked together even once?! 
  8. A Professional Wedding Planner helps keep you within your budget. The closer you get to the big day the more stressed you get and sometimes that can mean unnecessary stress spending or 'wedding creep' - your planner helps keep your eyes on the original goal of the wedding you want. 
  9. A Professional Wedding Planner brings your vision to life. Part conductor, part stylist, part good friend, a real Planner knows it is always all about you!!! 
  10. A Professional Wedding Planner brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise! You do not know what you do not know! 

Thanks Lisa we couldn't agree more!