A pillow fight Bachelorette Party wins the award for cutest idea ever!

Did we say 'Pillow Fight Bachelorette Party'?! Yup we sure did! When Twinkle (yes, that is the bride's real name, she is amazing, and could this get any cuter?) contacted local wedding photographer, artist and expert fun-capturer Chris Wojdak Photography about shooting her Bachelorette party, Chris had to pinch herself to make sure the email was legit. A pillow fight?

Chris's reply? "YES. Yes please. Sign me up!" Twinkle and her friends rented a super cute vacation home here in San Diego, and brought the perfect mix of beauty and fun to their pillow fight photo session. Not only is this an adorable and original idea but what a memorable (and photo worthy) way to commemorate such a fun occasion! Thank you Chris!