5 Trending Inspirations to Have You Dreaming About Your Wedding Table Decorations

Check out these 5 Trending Inspirations For Your Wedding Table Decorations!

Styling your wedding tables with accent color, ornamental decorations and ornate centerpieces adds the perfect finishing touch to your special day. Wedding table decorations have a big impact on the overall visual theme of any wedding. From personalized wedding order of service to decorative wedding menu cards, every little detail helps to create a unique bespoke embellishment that reflects the celebration of love and romance on your wedding day.

If you need some inspiration on how to dress wedding tables with decorations to impress, here are 5 of the best trending ideas…

1.    Glamorous Greenery

Foliage-only wedding table decorations continue to be a popular styling option for all styles of formal and informal weddings. If you adore simple and understated elegance, create a fabulous wedding table centerpiece by filling a large and curvaceous glass bell jar with lush and organic foliage. Add some color to your wild and whimsical woodland inspired wedding table decorations by selecting a few floral adornments or a table wreath. Free-form bouquets give your table a romantic and natural garden inspired design.

You can easily create a fresh and vibrant greenery extravaganza that incorporates wedding table decorations and complementing decorative arrangements. Featuring a few one-of-a kind bouquets adds a touch of designer elegance to your décor. Fragrant herbs can also be effectively used to add ornamental shape, interest and detail for wedding table decorations that are in touch with nature. If you prefer, you can use the minimal greenery of artificial vines and an assortment of candles, to create a chic Bohemian style table runner decoration.

2.    On Trend Color

Pantone’s color of 2019 is Living Coral - a beautiful fresh and sunny shade of pinky-orange that instantly brightens up any environment. If you love color, on trend coral is a great foundation decorating option for a summer wedding. Incorporate the striking shade into your wedding theme and décor by adding splashes of coral to your wedding table decorations.

Showcase a floral centerpiece arrangement of fresh and vibrant coral and peachy-tone peonies and roses. Complement the on trend color inspired theme by adding coral ribbons or sashes to the wedding table chairs. Complete the look with a coral satin table overlay and matching napkins.

3.    Sheer Opulence

If your dream wedding is a lavish affair, sheer opulence is the ultimate trending décor style for you. Create gorgeous and elaborate wedding table decorations that feature heavenly scented, luxury designer candles and bespoke decorative finishes. Set a romantic mood that leaves a lasting impression and creates memories for your guests. Show off grandeur with oversize displays of flourishing bouquets of your favorite flowers.

The sheer opulence theme is perfect for heritage style weddings that pull out all the stops. If you have an unlimited budget, choose the finest fabrics, the freshest flowers, and the most over the top decorations that your money can buy. Decorate the wedding tables with elegant china and cutlery that is ornate and regal. Add personalized monograms to your place cards, table signs, and wedding menu cards. Feature an array of luxurious textures like silk and satin and add metallic touches. Festoon the room with florals and create decadent décor that is fit for a royal celebration.

4.    Timeless White

Stylish wedding table decorations add the finishing touches to your wedding, and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Table décor allows you to add height, shape, light, and interest to the wedding dining/reception experience. To keep things classic, opt for timeless white table decorations that provide a unified expression of romance. Minimalist, single color décor is a versatile table decorating option that is ideal for all styles of wedding themes throughout the seasons.

Select an attractive floral or candelabra style centerpiece that towers high above your guests’ faces when seated at the table, or choose a low-level design. Add crisp white linen napkins to match the tablecloths, and fine white china. Stylish white place cards adorned with beautiful black calligraphy, and a number sign for each of the tables, ensures that your guests easily identify their places in your seating plan.

Embellish each of the wedding tables with a scattering of shimmering clear crystal gems, polished pearls or table confetti. Finish with an arrangement of elegant keepsake wedding favors wrapped in white organza.

5.    DIY Chic

More and more couples are choosing DIY chic for their wedding day. If you follow ethical practices, keeping your nuptials eco-conscious is likely to be important to you. A DIY wedding allows you free reign to use your imagination and to get crafty and creative. If you have plenty of ideas but lack artistic talent or confidence, ask your arty friends to lend a helping hand.

Create a romantic ambience with pretty candles displayed in recycled glass jars. Add a free-form floral arrangement of wild flowers, beautify wine bottles with sparkling glitter, and arrange a selection of quirky vintage ornaments on each table, to add extra interest.

You can make your own table decorations by sourcing decorative trims and designing something uniquely personal for each wedding table. Dress your wedding tables with handmade table runners that are made from materials that complement your eco-friendly ethos. If you have a rustic theme, get inspiration from nature’s finery. An abundance of stunning seashells is great for creating beachside themed wedding table decorations. Alternatively, use natural wood to give your wedding table decorations a unique look. Round, chunky wood log slices and slabs are perfect for providing a sturdy base for any type of centerpiece display.

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Photo Credits: Jenna Joseph | Invitation Design: Twinkle & Toast | Florals: Catalina Neal | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box | Styling Surface: Simply Rooted Surfaces | Postage: Zazzle (custom designed) | Rings: Marrow Fine

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