Kleinfeld’s favorite bridal accessory designer is having a clearance sale!!

JMC SALE! 💙 Justine M Couture (Kleinfeld New York and Kleinfeld Canada’s favorite and best selling accessory and veil designer!) is making room for their latest Spring Collection and has some beautiful pieces on sale online at their "Bespoke Shop".  But don’t wait too long - sale ends April 30!

Click here👉🏻 to shop: https://www.justinemcouture.com/bespoke-shop

Feel your true love's heartbeat with this incredible new wedding ring technology!

The Touch is a revolutionary new way to stay connected to your true love! Over 6000 years ago people started to wear rings on 4th finger of left hand believing that vein is directly connected to the heart.  Today with The Touch HeartBeat ring, just a tap allows you to see and feel the real-time heartbeat of your loved one directly on your ring, without disturbing the other side.

available in a beautiful boxed set

Beautiful Headpiece Comb by Justine M Couture add Sparkle and Romance to your Wedding Day Hairstyle

We love blush tones! Blush is such a flattering color on all skin tones and adds a hint of romantic sweetness to your wedding day fashion. This beautiful headpiece comb by accessory designer Justine M Couture brings 3 of the most classic feminine touches to one accessory: pearl, sparkly florals and blush tones!  Named the 'Busy Lizzie' this comb has metal vines and rhinestone flowers, with Keishi off white pearls. Available at finer bridal salons all around the world and locally in San Diego at The White Flower Boutique.

COLOR OPTIONS: Silver or rose gold metal, silver Swarovski stones, very pale pink and off white beads and pearls throughout.

Men’s Wedding Rings take on a Whole New Style with Vitasteel

Tungsten Alloy is super durable and beautiful - making it the perfect metal for wedding rings for the man on the go! VitaSteel specializes in Tungsten Alloy jewelry plated with beautiful precious metals...take a peek and re think that groom's ring 


We Love these Gorgeous and Unique Handcrafted Raw Stone Engagement and Wedding Rings

Do you believe in the power of the earth, the strength of intention, and the beauty of art? Well look no further then, for you have found your next jewelry obsession!

Handcrafted Gems offers a collection of handcrafted rings to bring joy, healing, and power to the lives of others. Their gems are carefully sourced and thoughtfully collected and their designs speak of the raw power of nature and magic!

Artist Olivia Rose creates gorgeous, unique and soulful raw stone jewelry infused with stories of healing, wellness, and health. She thoughtfully collects stones like Blue Apatite (the stone for deep spiritual and dream work), Rose Quartz (the stone of the heart and love!) , Moonstone (mysterious and powerful stone of the inward journey), Aquamarine (the stone of the sea, inspiring truth, purity and safety), Turquoise (the stone of the sky and talisman of both shamans and warriors) and more and blends them with settings that enhance the rawness of the stones to create something magical and beautiful to adorn your hand - and give that left hand ring finger something natural and exciting to rave about. 

Vintage Gold Lockets make for a Special Wedding Jewelry Keepsake

Whether it holds a lock of your loved ones hair as they did in Victorian times or a special message from your intended, a beautiful vintage gold locket like these from Vintage Jewelry Lounge make the perfect jewelry and keepsake for your wedding day! 

Victorian and Art Nouveau Lockets by Vintage Jewelry Lounge:

1 x Sister/Sister or Mother/Daughter Locket-Victorian Circa-1900 and 3 x Art Nouveau Lockets Circa-1890-1910.  All lockets are gold filled with set with diamonds/turquoise and garnets. 

BHLDN brings bridal jewelry to life with beautiful vintage style necklaces

The Opal Blossom necklace by BHLDN really ticks all boxes for a bride's ultimate necklace on her wedding day: it's unique, it's sparkly, it's memorable with a hint of 'something blue' and it is a knockout! Checkout more of their bridal collection online or at the San Diego Anthropologie BHLDN location in The Forum Carlsbad. 


Unconventional bridal jewelry wows as part of your wedding day style

Bridal jewelry adds just the right enhancement to your wedding day bridal style. But if you're wearing a vintage gown or something non-conventional for your bridal attire (or something rather plain that needs a little life added to it) consider exciting and memorable unconventional jewelry by the incredible Vintage Jewelry Lounge

Gorgeous vintage gold lily pad necklace and earring set by vintage jewelry lounge  

Gorgeous vintage gold lily pad necklace and earring set by vintage jewelry lounge  

love this enamel set with floral motif with a deep V gown

love this enamel set with floral motif with a deep V gown

Item Descriptions:

1. Lily Pad necklace and earrings (circa -1960) Textured Gold tone Lily Pads shapes with rhinestones

2. Enamel Floral Bib necklace and Earrings (circa 1960 Designer-Vendomer)

Keeping your deepest secrets in style with charming hidden compartment jewelry

Paper Face Studio has a beautiful way to keep your secrets safe and in style. These beautiful hidden compartment necklaces offer a special place to say "I love you", write love notes, or just keep something close to your heart. These necklaces by Paper Face Studio have a special vintage feel that makes them very in style now and forever. 


Vintage acrylic jewelry is the perfect pop of accessory for your contemporary bridal style

If you are in love with vintage style and are planning a wedding with a mid century feel to it you'll love these 1950s and 1960s era acrylic jewelry by Vintage Jewelry Lounge. Clear acrylic jewelry ads just the right pop of fun and style without overwhelming the rest of your bridal ensemble. 

We love this acrylic bubble necklace for any strapless or open neckline, mid century bridal gown.

We love this acrylic bubble necklace for any strapless or open neckline, mid century bridal gown.

Acrylic bracelets, bangles and earrings add a fun touch acrylic can be perfectly clear or can have a hint of metallic to spice up your look.  

Acrylic bracelets, bangles and earrings add a fun touch acrylic can be perfectly clear or can have a hint of metallic to spice up your look.  

Carolyn DeKoven, owner of Vintage Jewelry Lounge, really knows her vintage style and has an inventory of vintage jewelry that is truly comprehensive! Check out her vintage jewelry but remember to grab a piece if you love it because these one-of-a-kind treasures go fast!

Product Notes: Round Acrylic “Bubbles” with satin ribbon (circa-1960-70)
Acrylic Bracelets and Earrings (circa-1950-80)
Gold and silver tone Foiled Acrylic Bangles (1960)
Clamper Clear Acrylic (1950)
Twist Bangles (1980)
Flower Earrings (1960)

Wearing the look of "I Love You" in gold or platinum on the fourth finger of your left hand

A very creative jewelry company has designed a meaningful and personal way to wear your love. The Encode Ring takes spoken three-second phrases (the perfect amount of time to say "I love you" or "I do") and captures them into sound waves that are then transformed into a custom-crafted metal ring.


Your sound waves will appear different depending on the words you say and the inflection of your voice; ensuring that each ring is wholly unique and meaningful for you and your intended. With its unique sound wave shape this ring is sure to elicit a lot of comments and compliments and is the perfect way to say “I love you” in an beautiful and unique way.


 Encode’s jewelry is available in multiple metals, from stainless steel all the way to high-end platinum. You can visit the website now to record your message and see how it’d look in a ring setting

Rose gold engagement rings bring a little blush to the forth finger of left hands everywhere

Inspired by the charm of the past, these rose gold romantic engagement rings by Brilliant Earth are heirlooms in the making. 


Brilliant Earth uses recycled metals for a more sustainable line of jewelry. Dirty gold mining has a history of civil war, labor abuses, and environmental devastation. Metal mining, and gold mining in particular, is one of the most environmentally destructive types of mining and millions of gold miners earn low wages in dangerous working conditions.

Every piece they cast is made with recycled and re-refined precious metals. Because their reclaimed silver, gold, platinum, and palladium are refined back into their pure elements, they are of identical quality to newly mined metals.


Brilliant Earth's recycled precious metals have been independently certified by SCS Global Services to guarantee their recycled content. We are one of the first jewelers to elect to have SCS audit our supply chain to ensure the metals we use meet the standards for recycled content.


Whether through delicate, Victorian-inspired filigree designs, the bold individuality of Art Deco styles, or the larger-than-life dazzle popular in the Retro era, each unique style in a vintage-inspired collection is a beautiful choice.