Super Hip Cocktail Reception Seating Area Shows Off Pacific Beach Style

Oh Pacific Beach! You have your own groove don't you and we love you!! The Catamaran Resort in 'PB' has its own groove too - a little beachy, a little tropical, a dose of hip, and a lot of Southern California style makes for a great combo - and so does this cocktail reception arrangement by Witty Rentals photographed by the talented Amy Lynn of By Amy Lynn Photography along the bay at The Catamaran Resort - we think this whole scene is one that you will love! 

We celebrate 7 of our all-time favorite romantic movies to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day

Moonstruck always stands put as a fave romantic movie.! Nicolas Cage and Cher falling in love with that amazing soundtrack of Italian classics and of course, La Boheme. 


If you have not seen the classic tale of love [almost!] lost you must stop whatever you are doing and immediately watch An Affair to Remember. Cary Grant was the leading man's leading man in Hollywood's golden age for a reason. 

After, and only after, you have watched an Affair to Remember, can you really appreciate Sleepless in Seattle, since SiS was actually a Valentine to the classic. Another great soundtrack.


Here he is again, Cary Grant! This story of Philadelphia socialite finding her true love is a classic for reason! The Philadelphia Story reminds you that true love is truly 'yar'.


A charming Merchant Ivory movie period piece that celebrates persistence and being true to oneself, A Room with a View is gorgeous and smart. 


This year's hit with critics, Call Me by Your Name is an ode to love and that certain something you feel when you find the one.


And of course it would be inconceivable to forget the all time classic romantic fairytale that we all know and love....The Princess Bride. As you wish. 


Why we love family style wedding reception table set ups by Farm Tables & More

We know the traditional wedding reception set up of the last 30 or 40 years has been lots of round tables, where you place people based on common interests, relationships. and even history together. But to us there’s something really special about dining “family style” at long tables at a wedding reception!  Check out these gorgeous tables by Farm Tables & More,  a local, family run business and one of SanDiego‘s loveliest specialty rental companies - with a fabulous inventory of nice, long, family style tables for your wedding!


 And outdoor wedding comes together so beautifully with one long table! 


 We feel like longer tables are an extra perfect fit at a vineyard wedding! 

Happy Father's Day! Enjoy these 'Dad Moments' from 14 Weddings and Give Your Dad [or Dads] a Hug.

Happy Father's Day San Diego!! We hope you enjoy these lovely, heart-melting 'Dad moments' photos by various amazing  San Diego wedding photographers.  From walking their baby down the aisle, to that special dance, to feeling the love, and beaming with pride and joy; we hope you feel the love from these photos and remember to give your dad [or dads!] a hug and express your love for him today! 

Black and white portraits; still creating beautiful art after all these years

There's something about black-and-white imagery that is so beautiful in portraits, allowing us to see a person's soul without getting distracted by color. Photographic artist and expert Stacy Childers of House of Style is well known as a top stylist and photographic artist for major brands, professional clients and wedding couples, she's been teaching other photographers the skill of capturing beauty with a camera for years. Stacy loves to work in black and white often and we can see why. 


4 bridal crowns that will make you feel like a Queen on your wedding day

Many people talk about wanting to feel like a princess on their wedding day but we think it's better to straighten that crown and feel like a queen!  Wearing a crown gets you in touch with the empowered beautiful and regal soul that you are and these four crowns by uber bridal accessory designer Justine M Couture (Kleinfeld New York and Kleinfeld Canada's favorite and best selling accessory designer!) will have you enjoying your wedding day like royalty!

The Florence Crown by Justine M Couture

The Florence Crown by Justine M Couture

The Florence Crown with 13 pieces of large diamond filigree create a full oval crown decorated with Swarovski baguette, princess and navette cut rhinestones in silver, gold , rose gold or white metal silver stones.

The Mermaids Purse Crown by Justine M Couture

The Mermaids Purse Crown by Justine M Couture

The Mermaids Purse Crown, molded filigree encrused with Swarovski rhinestones and mother of pearl flowers in antique silver metal.

The Sirens Crown by Justine M Couture

The Sirens Crown by Justine M Couture

The Sitens Crown is a tall, vintage soft silver filigree decorated with rhinestone chain and Swarovski rhinestones.

The Windsor Crown by Justine M Couture  

The Windsor Crown by Justine M Couture  

The Windsor Crown has an antique base Spanish filigree encrusted with Swarovski rhinestones and chain creating a tall regal crown in soft sillver.


Born in Southeast England, to a family of French and English lineage, Lead Designer of the Justine M Couture collections, Justine Louise Helena Murray, brings a sophisticated marriage of the romantic, feminine flair of French style and the tradition and regal elegance of English aristocracy, to all her jewelry and veil designs.

Traveling the world collecting ideas and inspiration, Justine made her home in Southern California and in 2002 created The Tiara Room, a charming and popular retail boutique offering her own designs to Southern California brides and event stylists.

From this hands-on beginning with bridal clients, Justine evolved into designing solely for retail boutiques around the world and the Justine M Couture collection was born.

Justine M Couture offers discerning brides a distinct alternative to traditional accessory styling. The collection aims to capture the imagination through extensive use of eclectic materials, raising the level of bridal fashion to that of artistry.

Justine believes Each piece I create is its own unique work of art that hails back to a time when elegance in fashion was more important than a passing trend” 

The 2015/2016 Justine M Couture collection reflects both her English and French heritage.  Her pieces relate both a vintage appeal and a contemporary impact, with a timeless classical foundation that is the key to its appeal and success with brides everywhere. Culling from a wide range of components; from laces to filigree metals, the Justine M Couture line captures attention worldwide.

More trending wedding style from Classic Party Rentals - the Casual Elegance Series

Rustic weddings are all the rage still! And the Casual Elegance Series from Classic Party Rentals San Diego is the perfect way to add charm and style to any indoor or outdoor San Diego wedding. Whether you are at a vineyard, in a barn, having a ranch or farm wedding or are celebrating your love in the back yard, these gorgeous pieces add an earthy style to your celebration! Incorporate picnic tables, bright floral arrangements, and eco-friendly materials for relaxed yet classy entertaining. 


Be sure to call our girl Cris at Classic Party Rentals San Diego [858-496-9700] for all the help and style expertise you need! 

And they honeymooned happily ever after ... you guessed it...Disney does honeymoons!

If you're secretly a Belle, Jasmine, Anna or Elsa we bet you're going to find Disney's Fairytale Honeymoons to be the dream that's a wish your heart made!


From magical places to beaches and exotic landscapes Disney has always known how to transport people from every day life to magic! Check out these one-of-a-kind honeymoon ideas by Disney...


Rentals and decor and chairs...oh my! Classic Party Rentals to the rescue!

Where do you go when you need a big impact from your rentals, decor and furnishings? Oh and your big day is on the line and you want to make sure you're working with a supplier that has everything you need: like a huge inventory, incredible staff, real delivery windows, a showroom that will knock your socks off and stylists who can make any vision come to life? As Ghostbusters would say..." Who you gonna call? Classic Party Rentals! " That's who we recommended when a client of ours had a traditional rental supplier no show at their event [yup!] so trust us when we say you can trust the people at Classic Party Rentals to take care of you! Shout out to the amazing San Diego rep Cris Joseph!! Contact the Classic Party Rentals team for your wedding or event here. And check out just a little slice of the amazing options CPR has available to you!

Just thinking about pink cakes and how great the world is because of them!

Pink at a wedding just makes you feel rosy, especially when it's a yummy pink wedding cake! 

Love this pink cake with edible roses and sweet petals  

Love this pink cake with edible roses and sweet petals  

Lace designs on cakes are huge for 2016 weddings   

Lace designs on cakes are huge for 2016 weddings   

This one has a little touch of classic Parisian style  

This one has a little touch of classic Parisian style  

Monograms are always in style and are a classic style for any wedding

Monograms are always in style and are a classic style for any wedding

Check out some awesome San Diego wedding cake bakers in our directory! And remember to save your fork for dessert! 

Get your Bridal Magazine fix at the Wedding Party Bridal Show

So yes we know we are a website:) But we just love the look and feel of a real bridal magazine and feel strongly that the tradition of perusing through real print will never go away. Sure today you've got your digital boards and all but there's nothing like a bound collection of printed ideas, people, advice and inspiration to woo you. With each turn of the page a new gorgeous photo awaits: a gown, a table setting, a venue, a bouquet.... is a romantic process to spend hours with a magazine as you layout by the beach or fall asleep in bed reading about weddings that fill your dreams with beauty and style.

get your free copy of San Diego Style Wedding Magazine at The Wedding Party February 14, 

get your free copy of San Diego Style Wedding Magazine at The Wedding Party February 14, 

One of the many totally cool things about attending a bridal show with all the food, fashion and fun right there in front of you like a giant Pinterest Board come to life, is getting access to free bridal magazines! February 14, 2016 at The Wedding Party Bridal Show at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay you can get the magazines you really want like San Diego Style Weddings Magazine (a local fave for years!) for free! And their staff (and sometimes even their publisher) is on hand to chat about all those lovely shoots and styles and pros featured in the magazine too!

A picnic, a view and you! Why you will love Pop Up Picnic as much as we do!

Pop Up Picnic - San Diego's most romantic date night! Best Date Ever!!!

What is Pop Up Picnic? It's a romantic, intimate creative date. Unique, one-of-a-kind, brilliantly simple. Elegant in an understated sense. Pop Up Picnic TM is an instant date night, San Diego's Best Date Night, in fact. They bring the dinner, the dessert, and the vintage ambiance for 2 to the location of your choice.  How romantic is that? And need we say this is the best proposal set up we can think of! 

This team of ambiance experts has a few tried and true locations for your Best Date Ever locale: like Sunset Cliffs and La Jolla that all have easy access, close parking and spectacular views.

Have  a special spot in mind? Maybe the place you had your first kiss or a sacred surf spot that makes you feel zen? They'll deliver there too!

Plus they'll bring the food and the flair like We bring a charcuterie tray for two. Or you can enjoy artisanal meats and cheeses, assorted fresh & dried fruits and fresh baked bread. They also include Italian Sodas, still water and chocolates from Chuao. Special menus are available on request. Want a steak dinner? Sushi? Tacos? They can make it happen.