Happy Easter and Passover to all Our San Diego Brides and Grooms!

Whatever you celebrate this weekend [even if it's just the perfect weather or even April Fool's Day!] we wish you a happy, sunny San Diego celebration of love, family and spirit! Here's a few festive holiday cookies from Cravory Cookies to make your weekend all the sweeter! 

What’s Easter without those adorable little Spring peeps?  


This very grown up cookie made with herbaceous rosemary, rich extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar reduction, a hint of lemon and black pepper, harkens to the beginning of the harvest celebrations in ancient Mediterranea.  Made with leavened flour though so enjoy once Passover is done. 


 And we’re pretty sure you could fool anyone with these Lucky charms cookies! 

Happy New Year San Diego from Our Hearts to Yours!

We at SanDiegoWedding & #lovetotallyplanlocally wish you a beautiful year full of love, joy and celebration! And we hope to celebrate along with you in 2018 as you honor one another, love each other with all your heart, and by doing so, inspire the world to open to more and more love ... and always more fun!

And speaking of having fun and inspiring ... our friends the super talented Devon and Fela at Sparkle + Toast have done it again! We love these girls! They have such a great eye for styling like this adorable Palm Springs road trip New Year's Eve styled shoot! You had us with the genuine plastic dinosaurs and heart shaped sunglasses [is it weird that we own these things too??]. With an 'anything goes' attitude, totally cool retro colors and an actual roadmap to fun, we can't think of a better way to start off 2018! Happy New Year!!! 

When Nature Calls Your Grandmother Should be able to go in Style and Comfort!

Ahh the joys of the fun and freeing outdoor wedding! Beach weddings, vineyard weddings, big back yard events, we love em! But there is one very important thing to remember about celebrating a big wedding at a non conventional, spot....and remember you’re in your best outfit, with hair and make up perfectly done, plus you’re probably in heels  ....  when you gotta go you gotta go!


Our friends at Diamond Provides specialty rentals have exactly the set up you need to make sure everyone, including Grandma, can do her business safely and securely. With private stalls, hot and cold running water and the kind of privacy that any movie star on set would love, these luxury restroom trailer suites come right to you! They have super deluxe, big and small restroom suites, and even solar powered restrooms to fit any size event.  What's the big deal about these over those horrid blue festival style porta-potty's? These are spotlessly clean ... and they flush darling, they flush. 

Love is Love! Happy 2nd Anniversary of Marriage Equality & Pride Month from SanDiegoWedding.com!

It's LGBTQ pride month and June 26 celebrates 2 years of full marriage equality in the U.S.!  Here at SanDiegoWedding.com we have always celebrated that love is love. We had a chance to catch up with Bernadette Smith of the Gay Wedding Institute who reminds us that there are plenty of ways to celebrate and honor our LGBTQ friends and family with love [like sharing this beautiful San Diego wedding shown here]. Bernadette shares a few interesting finds from the world of LGBTQ weddings to accompany these stunning images by San Diego wedding photographer Paul Douda Photography....enjoy!

  • Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons married his longtime partner in a beautiful wedding in NYC in May.
  • Canada has a beautiful new stamp honoring the passage of their marriage equality law in 2005.

    Happy Pride! 


    50 years of Honoring Love: the 50th Anniversary of Loving v. Virgina

    Congratulations to today's engagement session showcase couple Katherine and Jason who show how powerful love is in this lovely Little Italy engagement session photographed by one of San Diego's most popular wedding and engagement artist groups: True Photography.

    June 12 marks the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Loving v. Virginia, which struck down state laws banning interracial marriage. It is hard to imagine in present day California, but before this ruling many states had laws stating couples from different racial backgrounds could not marry.  Thank goodness no law stands in the way of true love in our time.

    Loving v. Virginia, was a landmark civil rights decision of the United States Supreme Court, which invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Thanks Earl Justice Warren!!  

    All images by True Photography.

    Congratulations to Pippa and James! A few of our favorite images of the wedding of the season.

    Unless you live under a rock you've probably seen and heard that Pippa Middleton, sister to Katherine the Duchess of Cambridge, got married today to James Matthews in a beautiful and very English ceremony.  Sadly we were unable to crash this beautiful event so here we share a few of our favorite photos of their day by Samir Hussein / Getty.


    Just Married!!


    Our top choice for person to arrange a bridal gown train... 


    The oh so charming bridal party and mini army of flower girls and boys which included the adorable Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

    Congratulations Pippa and James! We wish you a long and happy life together full of love and joy! 

    Look What We Did There! Loving our Wedding Styled Shoot Grid on Our Instagram Profile

    We had a lot of fun today creating an exciting grid for our Instagram Profile Page...check it out and please follow us on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/lovetotallyplanlocally/ #lookwhatwedidthere ... Click through to see the gorgeous photo by London Light Photography all put together in the correct order! 

    And see the whole gorgeous. modern, Marie Antoinette-themed wedding styled shoot here! 

    Happy May Day! We celebrate this special day with flowers and love!

    Happy May Day! An ancient May Day tradition (which we are all for keeping alive!) was to leave an anonymous bouquet at the door of a beloved, neighbor or stranger... we think a current tradition might be to hug a florist for all the beauty they bring to the world, like local wedding and special events florist Danielle of Studio 2053 who created this happy bouquet! 


    Our mission: to help you love totally and plan locally we sure do love a San Diego Wedding!

    Did you know we actually have a mission statement? Yup. Every time we blog or send a photo out into the world we like to connect with the heart and soul of why we do what we do. So not to get too Jerry McGuire on you but here it is: 

    Our mission: to offer fresh, unique, stylish and relevant wedding ideas and relationship information, delivered with editorial content that is respectful, uplifting, empowering, intelligent and best of all: original. We will offer a unique voice that speaks to all generations of engaged couples: the fresh, young, ultra-hip Millennials, savvy Echo generation, the creative Gen X-ers, the stylish Tweeners and the ever-sophisticated Boomers. And since we understand that love is love, we proudly featured content and weddings that showcase the many colors of San Diego couples; straight and LGBT, and always have.

    Our goal is to honor the profoundness of the wedding ritual; reflect the uniqueness of each couple’s style and expression of love; inspire people to see their own beauty; and to hopefully transform our little corner of the world into something even more beautiful and, ultimately, loving.

    Although styles change, weddings themselves will never really change. A day where beauty, emotions, joy and spirit all combine to create an incredible, memorable celebration of love and the creation of a new life, for you and your loved ones, is a true gift and one of the most powerful life moments we can experience.  The process of putting together your ideal wedding:  getting inspired, gathering elements that fit your life and reflect your style and communicate your love, and very importantly, finding the right resources and professionals to bring your vision to life; well that’s the same as its always been. You need to find people who know what they're doing and that fit with your personality to bring your day to life. We're not just talking 'stuff' here we are talking about the people, places and things that will become a part of the very fabric of a day you plan to remember with great fondness for the rest of your life.

    We truly hope our combination of ideas, inspiration and information helps you find your way to the wedding you envision and truly deserve. Stylish, unique, soulful and fun wedding inspiration, with all the local vendors, amazing venues, fashion, style boards & color inspiration you want and more in a local format by real people who are very in touch with today's weddings, event people and trends! That's what SanDiegoWedding.com is all about and that's why we say  "love totally, plan locally!"

    xoxo Love, Pamela, Blair, Caroline, Nicole and Jessie. 

    thanks to SheWanders Wedding Photography for the ever amazing photos xo

    Beautiful images of classical works of art now available free for your creative use. Muah! to The Met!

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York recently released 375,000 images of classical artwork to allow people to use them for free.  This incredible act of generosity allows everyone to use and share beautiful images of classical works of art privately or even commercially for free. So if you were looking for that really exciting and creative image with which to announce your wedding look no further!

      Gustav Klimt, Mäda Primavesi (1912-13)

     Gustav Klimt, Mäda Primavesi (1912-13)

      Claude Monet, Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies (1899)

     Claude Monet, Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies (1899)

    What a beautiful gesture by The Met to the world! The Met Museum has executed the new policy in collaboration with Creative Commons, a non-profit that aims to promote the legal sharing and distribution of information, ideas, and images through its free and easy-to-use copyright licenses. “Sharing is fundamental to how we promote discovery, innovation, and collaboration in the digital age,” said Ryan Merkley, the CEO of Creative Commons. “The Met has given the world a profound gift in service of its mission: the largest encyclopedic art museum in North America has eliminated the barriers that would otherwise prohibit access to its content, and invited the world to use, remix, and share their public-domain collections widely and without restriction.”

    You can access the unrestricted images through the Met’s website. As you search its collection, all you need to do is check off the “Public Domain Artworks” option under “Show Only.” You can also browse the selected works by selecting the “Metropolitan Museum of Art” filter on the Creative Commons site.

    And our most popular Pinterest pin of 2016 was......our favorite too!

    And here it is our most popular Pinterest pin from 2016....with 28,711 people loving this photo of "the doggie paw engagement shoot" by Derek Chad Photography ... see the full engagement photo session here.... we get about 38,000 viewers on our San Diego Wedding Pinterest boards each and every month so be sure to follow us here. Thanks Derek Chad it looks like tens of thousands of people love your work as much as we do! 

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    Still life with life: a 'day in the life' portrait series captures a humble, intimate beauty in the everyday

    You wouldn't think that the day in and day out of living your life; working, getting your kids to school, getting everybody's teeth brushed and the myriad mundane tasks of a normal day would be considered art, but that's exactly what the super talented Red Trolley Studios created when they spent 24 hours with local photographer Holly Ireland and her family at their home. These touching, intimate and loving day-in-the-life images showcase that when you love people and you love what you do you can capture art in the simplest of moments.


    We think this is the most beautiful series of images ( and we see a lot of beautiful images !) the trust that this beautiful family put into their photographer is evident in the amazing quality of honesty and emotion in these photos. 

    A peek at how passionate wedding professionals get together...(and Flamingle!)

    When wedding professionals get together to discuss ideas, business and helpful tips with each other you would think they would surround themselves with anything other than things wedding related. But not these passionate  [and amazingly talented] wedding pros! True wedding artists love dreaming about weddings, trying out new wedding styles and designs, working with [and finding new ways to help] wedding couples, and basically staying in love with all things wedding.  Here we showcase a fun and exciting business meeting of Weddings of Distinction, a very select group of wedding professionals who regularly get together to connect and as they did here, 'Flamingle'... just imagine what these love loving pros would do at your wedding! 

    Vendor Credits:

    Floral, decor & design: Embellishmint Floral + Event Design Studio

    Cakes and Desserts: Sweet Cheeks Bakery

    Gold Ring Screens: Enticing Tables

    Linen & napkins: Concepts Event Design & Rentals

    Venue & Food: Tom Ham's Lighthouse

    Photography: Laura Christin Photography

    "napkin diaries" author David Patrone, singer, artist and lover of love, offers singing telegrams and more celebrating love!

    There's no denying the man has style! You know him as the primo jazz singer, musical swinger and entertainer for weddings, events, and clubs, but now David Patrone has released "Napkin Diaries" a compilation of 'poetry petite' - typed on an old manual typewriter on their original medium the cocktail napkin. "Napkin Diaries" is a compilation of thoughts, feelings and moments captured on napkins in between a talented jazz musician's gigs. Some thoughts focus on love, some on life, some of challenges... we for one will be ordering the singing telegrams because this boy can SING. Little known fact David Patrone was the voice behind The Wedding Party EXPO's jingle "You Deserve It" thanks David, love your style!! 

    Napkin Diaries is currently in the Crowd Sourcing phase. To be a part of this campaign here via crowd funding site Indiegogo

    Napkin Diaries is a collection of ideas that began as observations, poems, sketches and lyrical ideas scrawled in haste on Cocktail Napkins; the most readily available medium for a gigging Jazz Musician as he ran from stage to bar, before the notion was lost forever in the haze of the next moment, the next improvisation, the next song. Somehow these napkins were stashed away and survived five moves, two expeditions, a divorce, two earthquakes and even a resuscitation.

    Artist and author David Patrone says, “One day, as I was moving some boxes, a few of the old napkins flew out inspiring an idea than soon began to gain momentum. I dug through more old boxes and suitcases filled with unexplored inventions, song ideas, movie ideas, comedy ideas and rants. I pored over them and began to rework my thoughts, honing them down to the purest essence of thought, eventually deciding to use an old manual typewriter to put them back on my medium of choice: The Cocktail Napkin.”

    Napkin Diaries began appearing on instagram and facebook in April of 2015 under the anonymous username dbwii. it can now be found atwww.instagram.com/napkindiary
    In February of 2016 the first volume of Napkin Diaries was published; but, there's more than just the stories to this story…. Read on!

    Roses are red... Violets are blue... We love the Melrose Poetry Bureau...and think you will too!

    What!? Could it be? Is custom event poetry a thing now? Yup consider yourself among the few, the proud, the hip...you lived to see the day something this cool was available for weddings and events. 

    The Melrose Poetry Bureau (MPB) creates interactive poetry experiences on typewriters. We blur the boundaries between poetry, theatre, and improvisation to create connection through ink in a wired-in world. 

    Melrose Poetry Bureau brings a team of performance poets with typewriters to your event. Patrons give us a word, and we write original poems on-the-spot based on that word. Patrons keep the 3x5 frameable piece as a memento of the event.

    Great for weddings, parties, festivals, etc. MPB also creates pre-written pieces tailored to any event. 



    A pillow fight Bachelorette Party wins the award for cutest idea ever!

    Did we say 'Pillow Fight Bachelorette Party'?! Yup we sure did! When Twinkle (yes, that is the bride's real name, she is amazing, and could this get any cuter?) contacted local wedding photographer, artist and expert fun-capturer Chris Wojdak Photography about shooting her Bachelorette party, Chris had to pinch herself to make sure the email was legit. A pillow fight?

    Chris's reply? "YES. Yes please. Sign me up!" Twinkle and her friends rented a super cute vacation home here in San Diego, and brought the perfect mix of beauty and fun to their pillow fight photo session. Not only is this an adorable and original idea but what a memorable (and photo worthy) way to commemorate such a fun occasion! Thank you Chris! 


    Keep up with us for beautiful and chic wedding style, ideas, experts and more...


    Instagram images of colorful wedding flowers by Tim Otto Photography and couple kissing behind yellow flowers by SheWanders Photography

    Facebook images of gorgeous necklace + happy bride w/pink bouquets by Bob Hoffman Video & Photography

    Pinterest image of colorful wedding cake by Tim Otto Photography

    Thumbnail image of groom with bouquet by SheWanders Photography

    Source: http://www.sandiegowedding.com/follow-us/