David Otero of Movin-Tunes -the music and energy expert for your wedding!

Movin-Tunes is an award winning Turn-Key Entertainment Company owned by David Otero (DJ Simple) that offers entertainment for any occasion. From themed weddings, corporate events, private parties to band-DJ combos. They also offer custom sound mixing, lighting, audio-visual, photo booths and karaoke and work closely with one of the top favorite wedding bands in San Diego, Republic of Music.  [Editors note: we’ve hired David to work some of our most important events and he is amazing.]


David is known by the performance name DJ Simple, but there’s nothing simple about the ability to read a crowd and create a dynamic, energetic (read highly memorable) wedding reception for your diverse group of guests.  Get in touch with David for a consultation (or meet him in person at the February 25 Wedding Party EXPO at the US Grant where he will be DJ ing the 3:30 pm Presidential Ballroom fashion show on the big stage ) about how to get your wedding reception skyrocketing towards “best wedding ever“ status!