Love, Marriage and Support. Being Brave Enough to Allow Your Mate to Support You

To all the strong ladies out there. Remember to lean on him once in a while. Really lean on him, let him hold you up. You are probably a very a strong and independent woman who may need reminding that leaning on someone is not failure. You are friends that love each other. And it takes courage to love someone so completely that you’d trust them to support you. So don't be afraid to let go of some of that super-woman strength and lean. Partnership is a constant dance between two people; sometimes one is up, sometimes the other, and sometimes you both are up or down. No one wants to be a dependent in a healthy relationship, but don't be afraid to be vulnerable when you need to be. Vulnerability is not weakness, it is where true intimacy is born and grows - when you're vulnerable you allow the other to show you how much they are truly there for you and allow them to hold you up and love you to your core. 


photo by Justin Hulse, hair by Lia of Kuthaus Glendora, makeup by Alta DeKoven, her fashion by Justine Alexander, his fashion by Gentlemen's tux Club, location Tower 23, styled by Love your Show, inc.