Meet Wedding Photographer Kirstin Burrows

Meet Wedding Photographer Kirstin Burrows! We love Kirstin for her talent and her way with people. Says this talented lady, “I believe in connection, for me it all started with the first time that my husband and I saw each other, we connected over a music-stand and wrong notes which began our crazy unique walk together. We will keep taking this journey together until the walk is a shuffle and it takes longer to complete, but I would not have it any other way with any other person.” View more of Kirstin Burrow’s wedding work on her website.


Kirstin’s hearts desire is to capture not only the tender connection that only you know about but the essences of your true love. She says, “I understood what the meaning of true love is from my grandparents, that it was about making the simple things special, like the laugh that can lighten a room that changes the littlest moment into the best.  Marriage is forever no matter how difficult or simple the day is, it is about walking through the day together and falling in love all over again.”


“Love is so much more than what is portrayed in movies. It is meant to fight for one another and build each other up. It is the struggles between the I do and the happily ever-after that I strive to capture.For us the struggles are laundry, our beagles, being parents with the highs and lows, worshiping our savior and walking hand in hand down the streets of the happiest place on earth.”