"napkin diaries" author David Patrone, singer, artist and lover of love, offers singing telegrams and more celebrating love!

There's no denying the man has style! You know him as the primo jazz singer, musical swinger and entertainer for weddings, events, and clubs, but now David Patrone has released "Napkin Diaries" a compilation of 'poetry petite' - typed on an old manual typewriter on their original medium the cocktail napkin. "Napkin Diaries" is a compilation of thoughts, feelings and moments captured on napkins in between a talented jazz musician's gigs. Some thoughts focus on love, some on life, some of challenges... we for one will be ordering the singing telegrams because this boy can SING. Little known fact David Patrone was the voice behind The Wedding Party EXPO's jingle "You Deserve It" thanks David, love your style!! 

Napkin Diaries is currently in the Crowd Sourcing phase. To be a part of this campaign here via crowd funding site Indiegogo

Napkin Diaries is a collection of ideas that began as observations, poems, sketches and lyrical ideas scrawled in haste on Cocktail Napkins; the most readily available medium for a gigging Jazz Musician as he ran from stage to bar, before the notion was lost forever in the haze of the next moment, the next improvisation, the next song. Somehow these napkins were stashed away and survived five moves, two expeditions, a divorce, two earthquakes and even a resuscitation.

Artist and author David Patrone says, “One day, as I was moving some boxes, a few of the old napkins flew out inspiring an idea than soon began to gain momentum. I dug through more old boxes and suitcases filled with unexplored inventions, song ideas, movie ideas, comedy ideas and rants. I pored over them and began to rework my thoughts, honing them down to the purest essence of thought, eventually deciding to use an old manual typewriter to put them back on my medium of choice: The Cocktail Napkin.”

Napkin Diaries began appearing on instagram and facebook in April of 2015 under the anonymous username dbwii. it can now be found atwww.instagram.com/napkindiary
In February of 2016 the first volume of Napkin Diaries was published; but, there's more than just the stories to this story…. Read on!