Remember to Have Fun and Roll with the Surprises with Life AND Your Wedding Photos!

Life is full of surprises! And when you venture out into [very] public places with your best friends, feeling the love and connection you have, styled to look extra special, well you never know what you might attract! We love this photo by San Diego wedding photographers First and Orange Photography! It reminds us to roll with the surprises you might encounter and always have fun no matter who or what you run into!  We say don't fight surprises during a shoot, embrace them; stray lifeguards, surprise weather, people or happenings in your engagement photo session may make for some of your best times and most talked about memories. Being in the zone of love and connectedness makes for amazing memories and trying to control every aspect of life will kill a good mood [and good photo] every time - so plan for what you can and then enjoy life as it unfolds for you as a constant, joyful, surprise!