Roses are red... Violets are blue... We love the Melrose Poetry Bureau...and think you will too!

What!? Could it be? Is custom event poetry a thing now? Yup consider yourself among the few, the proud, the lived to see the day something this cool was available for weddings and events. 

The Melrose Poetry Bureau (MPB) creates interactive poetry experiences on typewriters. We blur the boundaries between poetry, theatre, and improvisation to create connection through ink in a wired-in world. 

Melrose Poetry Bureau brings a team of performance poets with typewriters to your event. Patrons give us a word, and we write original poems on-the-spot based on that word. Patrons keep the 3x5 frameable piece as a memento of the event.

Great for weddings, parties, festivals, etc. MPB also creates pre-written pieces tailored to any event.