San Diego Featured Wedding San Diego Museum of Art: We love Kevin + Stefan!

For Kevin and Stefan, it was love at first sight. And what an extraordinary love they have. The two actually met while Stefan was in California on vacation just a couple days before he went back home to the U.K. The flame was instant, so the two managed to keep in touch and soon began traveling the world in order to keep seeing each other. If that isn't already the most romantic thing you've heard, about a year later, Stefan made the move to San Diego in order to be with Kevin. 

If you thought it surely can't get any sweeter, just wait-- the two had a sentimental reason for choosing their venue of the San Diego Museum of Art. The museum's architecture and design resembles that of European architecture.  Do you see where we are going with this? Kevin says, "the beautiful European architecture in San Diego signifies Stefan's culture moving into mine."  *Here is where we pause to pass out.* San Diego based wedding photographer Derek Chad beautifully captures this charming, 'Old World meets New' love story....enjoy!

Photographer: Derek Chad Photography // Bar Service: Blind Lady Ale House // Cinema and Video: byDesign Films // Photo Booth Equipment: Derek Chad Photography // Coffee Bar: Euro Bar // Transportation: Gold Coast Limos // Equipment Rentals: Hire Elegance // Equipment Rentals: Hostess Haven // Floral Designer: Isari Flower Studio // Pianist: Jonathan Coyle // Linens and Coverings: La Tavola // Band: Lucky Devils band // Design and Decor: Luxe Events//Event Venue: The San Diego Museum of Art//Caterer: The Vetted Table