Taking the plunge with a daring bridal neckline by BHLDN

Taking the plunge by getting married is a huge step no doubt, but wearing a daring, deep V-neckline as you walk down the aisle, like these bridal gown styles by BHLDN, is another step altogether! The deep V is most flattering for 'smaller cup' gals to keep a smooth line along ones decolletage without giving it all away, still we wonder; are you daring enough to take the plunge?

Gather your favorite girls, BHLDN now has bridesmaids fashion

It was just a matter of time before this harbinger of fashion and style making brought out and exciting and yes we're going to say it re-wearable bridesmaids fashions. BHLDN has bridesmaids dresses!  


These muted rose and soft pinks are super popular for 2017 bridal parties!


By contrast rich blues and navy add a formality yet are more fresh in feel than black.


Mauve and blush like a beautiful ballerina palette at your wedding!


Watercolor aqua, watery blue and barely there prints like these will be abundant at waterfront weddings everywhere!

San Diego's very own BHLDN store is opening soon!

You heard right! Anthropologie's fantastically popular, trend inducing bridal division BHLDN (pronounced "beholden") is opening a bridal store in Carlsbad at the Forum next month! The grand opening is slated for August 9 with a special Soiree August 11. Prepare to swoon!

Elaborate detailing highlights the 2016 collection  

Elaborate detailing highlights the 2016 collection  

BHLDN Took the bridal fashion world by storm a few years ago when they were introduced to rave reviews with a rich style that speaks to brides young and old p, casual and formal.

Flattering necklines, sheer overlays and beautiful lines are very BHLDN  

Flattering necklines, sheer overlays and beautiful lines are very BHLDN  


BHLDN, BHLDN we love you BHLDN!! (but don't tell Anthropologie)

As most of you know Anthropologie, one of the top retailers and style trend setters in the world, has a bridal division called BHLDN [pronounced 'beholden'] and it is the hottest thing in bridal since the white dress!

BHLDN sets the trends in everything from delicate let playful bridal underwear... to wedding elements that define your hipster style like these stylish place cards!

BHLDN is well know as the go to place for the coolest of the cool brides who love that elegant, casual, European, classic yet seriously trendy, vintage feel that Anthropologie offers in non bridal clothes, housewares and accessories. 

Source: www.bhldn.com

Obsession alert: the Trickling Capelet by BHLDN


Finally! It's the perfect accessory to take any sweetheart neckline bridal gown to a rich, more mature level and give the bride a little (beautiful) coverage when needed.

Lines of shining beads course down over soft ivory tulle, where they drip past a hem embellished with scallop upon glimmering scallop on the Trickling Capelet by BHLDN.