5 tips for a better (more danceable!) wedding reception by Elite British DJ

Ever wonder about the tricks of the trade to picking wedding songs? Well Mick Scrivener of Elite British DJ [a hugely popular San Diego wedding DJ] has some expert tips for you that come straight from decades of successful wedding receptions where people got up and danced the night away! His first bit of advice? NO GOOGLING!! Mick says "There is no such thing as a Cake Cutting song, it does not have to say sugar, sweet or honey in the title - just pick a song you love! In fact, I love it when my clients pick all their favorite songs for the cocktail and dinner hours. And I suggest the cocktail music be more upbeat than the dinner music, but never too mellow, and not all the same type of music as it becomes just background after a while if it all sounds the same. As for getting everyone up and dancing; I do recommend that you limit the dance 'must play' song list to about 5 songs as every crowd is so different. If you want everyone to have a good time, you need to take their tastes into account, that is why you have a DJ, to read the crowd. Make sure you provide your wedding DJ with a list of songs you like as 'Plan A', but allow the DJ to react to the crowd. Your 'Do Not Play' list is the most important list you have and can be as long as you want it to be !!! Remember your guests are going to base their experience more on the entertainment than anything so think about all of your guests when it comes to music choices (remember to think 'what would I like if I was a guest?') If you like Motown and you went to a wedding where they told the DJ 'No Motown' because the Bride and Groom didn't like it, would you be happy?"

More Wedding Reception Music Tips from Mick:

  • The introductions are very important, it's the only time you have everyone's attention. I recommend doing first names only, for 2 reasons, firstly it is easier for people to to remember names if you do not include last names (try it with your own bridal party !!) and secondly it is less formal.
  • Choose something fun and upbeat for introductions, one song for the bridal party and a different one for yourselves. It doesn't matter if the songs have lyrics as a good DJ can work around that and make sure they do not compete with the names being introduced. I would not recommend a song for each couple as they enter, it gets very choppy and confusing.
  • Your First dance should be after the introductions and before dinner. The main reason I recommend this is that introductions do not take long, once you come in, you are all psyched and then I announce "it's time for dinner" it seems very anticlimactic.
  • For your first dance, don't worry about how long the song is, have a "signature move" such as a dip and a kiss. I am watching for this and when I see it I will end the song. You are now free to dance for as long or as short a time as you want !! Remember that dancing in your wedding dress is different to dancing in jeans and a shirt.

Mick Scrivener, is the owner and DJ for Elite British DJ. His wife Julie is a wedding coordinator, and together they are privileged to offer a DJ/Coordination service that goes above and beyond. For more information, please check http://www.elitebritishdj.com or Julie’s site http://www.thebestweddingforyou.com .

David Otero of Movin-Tunes -the music and energy expert for your wedding!

Movin-Tunes is an award winning Turn-Key Entertainment Company owned by David Otero (DJ Simple) that offers entertainment for any occasion. From themed weddings, corporate events, private parties to band-DJ combos. They also offer custom sound mixing, lighting, audio-visual, photo booths and karaoke and work closely with one of the top favorite wedding bands in San Diego, Republic of Music.  [Editors note: we’ve hired David to work some of our most important events and he is amazing.]


David is known by the performance name DJ Simple, but there’s nothing simple about the ability to read a crowd and create a dynamic, energetic (read highly memorable) wedding reception for your diverse group of guests.  Get in touch with David for a consultation (or meet him in person at the February 25 Wedding Party EXPO at the US Grant where he will be DJ ing the 3:30 pm Presidential Ballroom fashion show on the big stage ) about how to get your wedding reception skyrocketing towards “best wedding ever“ status!

There's a lady in the house....house DJ that is!

Let's hear it for ... the girls! In a world dominated by male DJ's, "Lady DJ" Merrylin Brichmann of Artistic Productions and DJ Party Pam stand out as the 'ladies in the house' in the San Diego wedding field and trust us when we say these girls are not afraid to 'mix it up'!!

the lovely Merrylin Brichmann "Lady DJ" of Artistic Productions

the lovely Merrylin Brichmann "Lady DJ" of Artistic Productions

Lady DJ Merrylin of Artistic Productions is an award winning, highly referred and recommended disc jockey and emcee. She knows music, knows how to read a crowd, keep an event flowing while creating the perfect ambiance and energy.  With the client's guidelines, Lady DJ will create a customized, romantic reception that turns into a fun, rockin' party!  Artistic Productions also offers uplighting, photobooth and custom monograms. Let’s work together toward a mutual goal ~~ a stress free, unforgettable celebration.  Lady DJ Merrylin wants to set your love to music!!!! Merrylin has received numerous accolades from The Knot, WeddingWire, Channel 10's A List, Celebration Media, is a true LGBT advocate and has worked with the best in the industry for over a decade and a half.

The ever positive, energetic and fun DJ Party Pam

The ever positive, energetic and fun DJ Party Pam

We spoke with DJ Party Pam who told us "As a female DJ, I see weddings from both the bride's perspective and the entertainer's perspective.  I care for each wedding as if it were my own and coordinate with your other vendors for a smooth running event.  I want to give couples the reception they've dreamed of." Meeting this dynamo in person you can absolutely feel her passion for her work! 

DJ Party Pam is a 5 Star business on Yelp, 5 Star on Google, Channel 10’s “A” List and BBB  A+ Rating.

Both ladies are members of the San Diego DJ Association.


Lights, Decor, Sound, Entertainment... hello Vario Productions!

Vario Productions is a nationally recognized, fully licensed and insured entertainment agency offering a variety of DJ and Live Music services unparalleled by any other business in Southern California. With lighting, decor, interactive elements, staging, videography, photography, power, gaming, spotlights... if you're having a spectacle of an event Vario Productions has you covered!



Now that's (RCL) entertainment! How the coolest drumming/music/performance art act will wake your reception up!

When it comes down to it, every couple wants the same thing for their reception: for it to be the best most epic, moving, fun filled, dynamic and memorable wedding celebration ever!  So why not have an energetic, exciting, good-time-driven performance [straight from The Grammy’s after parties, MTV VMAs, and the Superbowl!] that gets everyone up and moving at your reception? RCL Entertainment is a unique DJ and musical performance group that will have your guests remembering your epic reception forever!

Ricky “Rocks” Lorek (based in Los Angeles, CA) is an explosive force in the entertainment industry worldwide. Renowned for his raw power, distinctive sound, and feel for the groove, he quickly made a name for himself in the music industry. Ricky is creating a new movement and bringing DJing to a whole new level in the sophisticated private event world by seamlessly combining live drums/percussion with all styles of music (Top 40/Old dance classics/Hip-Hop/Rock). He creates a live drum remix on the spot with no rehearsal time with the DJ.

Whether it’s a bar/bat mitzvah with today’s hottest tracks, a company corporate party, or a 50th wedding anniversary party with all the classic hits there are no boundaries. Ricky plays “for” the event keeping it low key at times and bringing the energy up when needed for the dance sets whether he’s behind the drums or DJing. He brings a “live” feel to the original tracks we all know no matter what style bringing more energy, excitement, & life to the party.

Ricky’s particular approach to the music and unique stand up drum kit sets him apart and makes him a true innovator and incomparable to the rest. His talents led him to perform at some of the most elite A List celebrity events around the world such as the Grammy’s after parties, MTV VMAs, Superbowl XLII, many movie premiers & red carpet events.

Ricky has performed/shared the stage with some of the industries most well known talent such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Collective Soul, & Shinedown to name a few. He has also performed with Joel Madden, and rock icon Tommy Lee on their DJ sets. Ricky has also gained the media’s attention by being featured in many media outlets such as Modern Drummer Magazine & FOX TV. He has headlined major nightclubs coast to coast from Hollywood, Las Vegas, Chicago, to Hawaii and Europe. Ricky wanted to take everything he has learned from the entertainment industry and apply it to the more sophisticated high-end private event world. His goal is to build each of his client’s events uniquely and leave their guests talking and wanting more. Ricky strives on staying ahead of the trends and providing the absolute best quality of entertainment, not cutting any corners.