Beautiful wedding cake with Luster Dust flowers by CAKE is like a painting come to life!

This beautiful work of art wedding cake by San Diego bakery artists The Fabulous Cake Girls is like a painting come to life. All the flowers were lovingly hand made and touched in shimmery, magical Luster Dust! That’s a Fabulous Cake Girls’ touch for sure!

The couple who celebrated their wedding with this cake -who clearly knows what they’re doing taste wise - chose carrot cake with cream cheese butter cream and a chocolate wedding cake with caramel butter cream. Our only question how do you have the heart to cut into this beauty!!? But saving the top for your first anniversary allows you to peek at it in the freezer for a year!

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We just love the amazing couple behind this endeavor! Meet Evona and Mike:

Gourmet Wedding Gifts, specializes in unique, handcrafted favors and personalized gifts for weddings and other special occasions. All of our edible favors are personalized, made to order and shipped fresh for your event date. While we work mainly with weddings, our design team can customized any of our gifts for your wedding anniversary, birthday, bar and bat mitzvah, corporate event and more.

Check Out this Sweet Cookie & Wedding Dessert Wall and it's Just for the Boys!

Lavish Candy Life knows their desserts! These sweet experts brought the donut wall to So Cal and they just keep raising the bar  ... the dessert bar that is!  Check out this totally awesome cookie and donut wall just for the guys just in time for Father’s Day ;)! 

Fun Facts about Lavish Candy Life founder Kate Dutka: 

  • Sweet and simple I carry an immense passion for all sweets, style and design.

  • As far back as a child I was the party planner always filled with ideas and eager to celebrate even the simplest occasion.

  • In college I studied event planning, color and design.

  • I’ve been called a perfection snob.

  • My fresh French macaroons must be displayed beautifully.

  • The candy selection for our candy bars must be color coordinated to my clients color scheme.

  • The donuts must be soft, fresh and tasty perched delicately on lovely pedestal platters or our donut wall.

  • To create a stunning candy or dessert bar and watch my clients joyful reaction gives me pure happiness!

  • Quality and presentation in my work are of utmost importance to me.

  • My favorite part of the process is meeting my clients and unveiling their visions.

  • I love my sweet and savvy daughter that makes my life complete.

  • I love donuts, Greece, and my three dogs Rocky, Cassidy and Stella.

Happy Pi Day! 3.14 reminds us all that life is short, eat more pie!

Happy Pi day! So it’s 3.14 a great day to remember life is short so why not eat more pie?! Don't wait for your wedding celebration to connect with those you love, or vow to do your best, or enjoy an amazing day surrounded by love (and hopefully some pie like these scrumptious mini pies by San Diego’s preeminent pie bakers Under The Crust ) We love you San Diego!


The well appointed wedding reception dessert table by La Dolce Idea, Wedding Designer and Planner

We love this wedding reception dessert table!

Dessert tables can make your reception festive, fun and engaging for your guests, like this beautiful roaring 20s style dessert table by San Diego luxury event planner Sabrina Cadini of La Dolce Idea. Rich with golden accents, blingy rhinestones, rock candy, metallic gold cake pops, yummy cupcakes, and beautiful colorful Macarons, this dessert table is the cats meow! 


And check out that rhinestone covered silver wedding cake! 


Rock candy is so in style for wedding receptions; it's fun, it's glam, and it's sugar!! 


Seriously... the little bow ties on the gold cake pops!! LOVE!


This dessert table would have every one of your guests enjoying themselves for hours!


Unique and beautiful stands and platters to display the desserts add to the drama! 


And who doesn't love a fun custom cake topper with the couple's fave hobbies?!


Macarons, say no more. 


Chocolate and salted caramel are just a few of the guest favored flavors.


Cupcakes...we just do not want to live in a world without cupcakes... and why should we?


Bright citrus colors wake up your wedding dessert table

Bright yellow, orange and tangerine colors are a fun and festive way to liven up a dessert table at your wedding reception. Expert wedding designer Sabrina Cadini of La Dolce Idea Weddings makes the most delicious looking wedding reception dessert table displays! Pucker up and enjoy this citrus themed table by this talented San Diego wedding expert. 


Buttery, creamy, soft, and luscious…each bite of Sugar Mamma Caramel is a gift made with love.

A delicious treat for wedding favors, dessert bars or candy bars, Sugar Mamma Caramels are the yummiest caramel you've ever tasted! Give them out to your guests individually or at a dessert buffet, send them as thank you's to your friends and family post wedding or just take them on your honeymoon to indulge on the beach! 

Using only the highest quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives, Sugar Mamma Caramels.  All their caramels are made in small batches, entirely hand-crafted in their kitchen in San Diego, California.

Consider your life complete ... the award winning Donut Bar does weddings!

Whatever your day may have brought you that was less than pleasant it matters not now... Donut Bar is here to revive your spirit and help you remember that life in San Diego is good...and tasty...and warm....and sweet! Just like, yes, a delicious fresh donut from Donut Bar.

Can't say any more - must get in car and go to Donut Bar - fresh donuts are calling. 

Quite possibly the most beautifully iced cookies in the world

We caught this the other day as it went by on Facebook and it blew our minds! The artistry! The colors! The skill! The patience! These 'embroidered' cookies by Hungarian artist and baker Mezesmanna are the coolest thing for any special event!! They're almost too pretty to eat! (we did say almost.)

Think of the art of embroidery itself: hours of painstaking skill goes into creating a delicate and beautiful finished product to last generations. With these delicious 'embroidered' cookies you'd best enjoy the craftsmanship quickly as it may not last five minutes before it gets popped into your mouth!  Some of these works of art remind us of beautiful, traditional Eastern European folk dresses...what a talent!


Check out this fascinating video of how this artisan creates her beautiful embroidery designs in icing on cookies [and cakes!]

Jennywenny Cakes- it's love at first sight (and at first bite!)

There is nothing like great wedding cake! This ritual is so important to a wedding reception and the cutting of the cake [like the breaking of bread] is a symbol that two families that were separate are now one! So you definitely want to make sure you celebrate your union with tasty and beautiful wedding cake like the delectable creations of Cake Artist Jennywenny Cakes!

Jennywenny Cakes taste as good on the inside as they look on the outside and that's saying a will say it too when you taste these yummy cakes... just don't say it with your mouth full of cake...

still a hot trend the 'naked cake' with minimal icing yet still tons of taste

still a hot trend the 'naked cake' with minimal icing yet still tons of taste

don't forget Jennywenny when it's time for your next cake order...the baby announcement!!!

don't forget Jennywenny when it's time for your next cake order...the baby announcement!!!

Our Editor speaks to The Union Tribune about wedding cake....grab a slice!

We love wedding cake and Editor Pamela Ann Noxon was happy to share her thoughts about this lovely (and delicious) tradition with the Union Tribune newspaper today. Check out some awesome Cake Bakers in our Resources section. 

 And thanks a bunch to  True Photography  for the gorgeous cake photo for the article!

 And thanks a bunch to True Photography for the gorgeous cake photo for the article!

You can taste lots of yummy wedding cake at the February 14 Wedding Party EXPO!

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