China patterns personality quiz: what your choice of dishware says about you!

One of the most fun pre wedding activities is... you guessed it, picking out registry items! There gazillions of choices in China patterns to boggle the mind and drive you to register for them all. So we created a fun personality quiz: what your choice of dishware says about you! Enjoy these dazzling designs available at your favorite wedding gift registry near you! 

Are you the creative and exotic type?  You want your home to look like a cross between an Anthropologie catalog and Architectural Digest? If you can pull of wearing a kimono with jeans, than you have met your china pattern! This pattern by Mottahedeh [an incredible house that creates authentic fine china reproductions from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the Historic Charleston Foundation, Mount Vernon, Winterthur Museum and Gardens, Monticello and many State Department functions] is called 'Tobacco Leaf" and is available at Williams Sonoma wedding registry.  Love!!

If you secretly feel you're a long lost member of an old European Royal Family, this gorgeous traditional classic pattern is for you! With beautiful gold embellishments this pattern is fit for a king and queen! Available at Bloomingdales' Wedding Registry, this pattern by Royal Crown Derby is called "Gold Aves" and features Birds of Paradise and Peacocks with long trailing feathers. The original design was taken from an embroidered cushion fashioned by a member of the Royal Academy of Needlework. Oh Jeeves! Bring the carriage around please!! 

If you envision yourself in a big southern barn converted into a dream home, with a huge front porch for sweet tea with your neighbors, shiplap on the walls (a la Joanna Gaines!), a giant farm table in the kitchen and huge garden out back, then be sure to add Spode's Blue Italia pattern to your dream registry list!! You can find this classic [the traditional blue color goes back centuries and a pastoral scene [meaning farmland or pasture] will be in style for centuries more! Find this design at Macy's Wedding Registry department.

Penthouse apartment overlooking the city? Check! Small dog that fits in a large purse? Check! Subscription to Vogue? Check! Here you go girl, Bernardaud ‘Constance’ is the china pattern for you! Bernerdaud is known for their fine porcelain dinner services made from Limonges porcelain. Inspired by Napoleon's Empire style, “Constance” is encircled by laurel wreaths and branches of acorns and oak leaves, all classic symbols of strength, longevity and peace. The motifs are applied in watercolor shades of green and gold, and each piece is finished with multiple fillets of 24k gold. Artisans handcraft and decorate the translucent porcelain at the workshops of Bernardaud, a family-owned company since the mid 19th century, and their products have graced the tables of families around the world for generations. Find this chic china pattern at Williams Sonoma Wedding Registry department. 

Are you the well mannered lady who loves to serve tea and keep your please and thank you's old school? Romantic, classic and perfectly proper for a dressy meal or high tea this pattern evokes nature and classic English garden style! This lovely collection called Rothschild "Bird" is available at Neiman Marcus wedding registry.  This sweet and lovely pattern is by Herend, an almost 200 year old Hungarian china manufacturer who was the was purveyor to the Habsburg Dynasty and aristocratic customers throughout Europe. Would you be so kind as to pass the scones my dear? 

You’re young, happy and in love with life! Like a breath of fresh, warm, beach air every time you dine, the “Cristobal” pattern by Reynaud at Williams Sonoma will have you celebrating each meal with a smile. This modern pattern evokes happy Summer days at the beach no matter the weather outside! Stylized branches of sea coral in vibrant turquoise, matching solid-color rims and platinum edging make Raynaud's Cristobal dinnerware works of art for the table. Crafted in France of fine Limoges porcelain, each meticulously hand-finished piece requires the work of 30 artisans to complete from start to finish. We foresee 2 snuggling newlyweds in a breakfast nook, soft white curtains blowing in the breeze that gently wafts through the open window, and a long and happy life ahead! 

If you are a romantic dreamer and a girly girl who cannot pass up thanking each a butterfly you see for sending you good luck and joy then this pattern is for you!  Anna Weatherly, known for her fresh and nature infused designs, brings the beauty of nature to life with delicately hand-painted flowers, leaves and insects called "Spring in Budapest" which you can find at Neiman Marcus' Wedding Registry.  As an international designer, Anna Weatherley’s career has included designing and manufacturing couture fashion, jewelry, home furnishings, and printed textiles. In the early 1990’s she established a studio in Budapest, Hungary where she trained a group of highly talented painters to create her collection of hand-painted porcelain. Hand-painted porcelain has a long tradition in Hungary going back almost two centuries. Her designs are inspired by the early botanical illustrators and flower painters of the 18th Century Europe such as Redoute, Hooker, and Ehret.

If your artistic soul can only be truly happy living in a 4th floor 18th century apartment in Paris then Acanthus 'Whitewash" is the china pattern for you! Available at Juliska, this pattern is the perfect fit for your Bohemian soul mate to dine on truffles, croissants and fromage avec pain wile listening the the bells toll from Notre Dame!  Although made in Portugal, we think the iconic scroll of the Acanthus leaf adorning the simplicity of a whitewash dinner plate brings Parisian-like architectural elegance to your everyday dining and layers beautifully with almost any other collection to add layers and depth to any meal. A votre sante! 

If you know you have what it takes to bring bold, artistic drama to every day life you have met your match in table-setting style! We see a dining room with original modern art paintings, a strong wall color, and a few key, eclectic elements assembled all to show off this pattern on the table! With modern flair and bohemian drama this pattern is a must for the bold creator and designer in you! The Royal Crown Derby "Bristol Crown Orange" pattern brings strong color and design to your table making every event a memorable one! Available at Neiman Marcus's Wedding Registry department. 

It seems no matter who you are or how you choose to express your style, one china pattern is never enough for all the ways you celebrate life!  There are so many gorgeous and exciting patterns to tickle your fancy for every day or extra special romantic or special event dinners, but don't forget the seasonal patterns available at Williams Sonoma!  Although not porcelain or fine China like the options above, they’re still the cutest ways to set a Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hannukah holiday table.

The Tartan pattern by Williams Sonoma special occasion dishware collection. 

We hope you enjoyed our little china pattern romp through all these beautiful styles.  Most importantly remember to always be you, as that’s the most beautiful pattern of all, and we hope you enjoy many years of shared meals with those you love!

Dishes and housewares, honeymoons or charity? A gift registry makes sense for you and your guests.

Need help with ideas for your gift registry? Read our practical and creative ways you can create a registry that is your own.

There are three major options for registering for gifts;

Traditional Gift Registry: Kitchenware, towels, silverware, home items, furniture, etc. (like you find at our faves William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Bloomingdale's and Macy's ) Perfect for the couple who will be creating their first home together. If you choose to register for gifts, consider registering through the I Do Foundation website. I Do will generate a percentage of each purchase as a contribution to charity.

Donations: Create a donation registry, where your guests can donate money to your favorite charities online and make a gift in your couple's name. The I Do Foundation offers a range of non-profit organizations to choose from; from community development and children’s charities to environmental and health-oriented non-profits.

Travel: This highly practical option allows couples to register for airfare, hotel and activities for their honeymoon!

Fabulous image by SheWanders Photography

Fabulous image by SheWanders Photography

Of course you know that it is never appropriate to mention gifts in your wedding invitation, indeed one is not even supposed to mention a preference of receiving any gifts at all. All information about your gift preferences;  letting people know where you are registered, if you prefer money, travel or a home registry over gifts, is the province of your wedding party members and your parents. Anyone asking about your gift registry should be directed to the appropriate person in charge of gifts; usually the maid of honor- who then gives them the clear guidance they need. But make no mistake your guests should be given clear guidance to avoid wasting their time and money since no one wants to give someone a gift that they don't actually want or need.

On the other hand, shower invitations, may clearly inform invitees about the couple's registry or gift preferences. Try combining two or three of the above options to allow your loved ones to give you what they want and what you want too.