Featured Wedding Artist: San Diego's Own Continental Catering

Continental Catering has long been known as one of San Diego's top wedding and special event caterers. Founded by the lovely, warm and very personable Denise and Gary, they've been around for nearly three decades creating yummy food for all types of events. As Gary likes to say, they weren’t always rich & famous. What humbly started as a weekend hobby out of a residential kitchen turned into a thriving business in the blink of an eye. Continental Catering now has a team of amazing experts who are proud to say that they've successfully catered over 10,000 events! Enjoy these scrumptious photos and you'll see that the artists at Continental transform food into art, proving that they are a not-so-ordinary caterer composed of not-so-ordinary employees. Get to know more about Continental Catering here....


Fresh watermelon cubes with creme fraiche and some secret yummy ingredients make a refreshing amouse bouche [bite sized appetizers anyone?] on a warm San Diego wedding evening.


Appetizers served on croute [on toast] are easy to pick up and eat with one hand during your cocktail hour.


At Continental it's never 'just a salad' as this colorful and delicious deconstructed salad shows! 


Sauteed scallops are a mouth watering way to show your guests the love right from the start.


Pureed yam served next to a gorgeous, perfectly cooked entree of fish ups your guests' dinner experience.


Vegetables never need be boring and you know beautiful brussel sprouts [served with chunks of sweet potato, goat cheese and dried cranberries] are all the rage these days! 


A salmon entree with potatoes en papillote [cooked wrapped in parchment paper] makes for a lovely presentation and ups the 'fish option' for your reception dinner dramatically.


Lamb chops are a formal presentation at any wedding reception.


With main courses like this it may be hard to get people to leave!!  


Innovative dishes, beautiful style and exciting presentation are Continental Catering's hallmarks.


Gorgeous lobster will wow even your pickiest of guests at your reception.


....and who can forget the dessert? Save your fork there's pie a la mode!!! 


Photography by She Wanders Photography for Continental Catering.

Bon Appetit! Dining at a French Bistro for your San Diego wedding is tres chic!

Parc Brasserie & Bistro in San Diego is a luscious French Brasserie and Bistro that caters to wedding guests and couples to bring them incredible French cuisine for their up to 100 person wedding or rehearsal dinner or just a luxurious lunch with the girls!

Located in upscale Bankers Hill near downtown San Diego, Parc Bistro & Brasserie offers unique and exciting amenities, like their stunning bar area and event space with wine wall, for savvy couples who want to impress their guests with food and decor. They have a perfect area for rehearsal dinners, plus event space that can hold up 70 (or even up to to 175 guests with a full venue buyout) or transform into a more intimate space by closing custom glass doors to offer you the perfect size for your group. Parc Bistro & Brasserie can customize menus [they're so flexible!] and even experiment with the bride and groom on their very own dessert to make a wedding couple's experience very personal. We love that!

Chef Donald Lockhart is very passionate about food [we are so excited that he wants to help you customize your own desserts!] and the restaurant itself and Special Events expert Anna McAlister brings her decade of special events knowledge to the table and is very eager to work with couples to create a truly memorable day.

Quite possibly the most beautifully iced cookies in the world

We caught this the other day as it went by on Facebook and it blew our minds! The artistry! The colors! The skill! The patience! These 'embroidered' cookies by Hungarian artist and baker Mezesmanna are the coolest thing for any special event!! They're almost too pretty to eat! (we did say almost.)

Think of the art of embroidery itself: hours of painstaking skill goes into creating a delicate and beautiful finished product to last generations. With these delicious 'embroidered' cookies you'd best enjoy the craftsmanship quickly as it may not last five minutes before it gets popped into your mouth!  Some of these works of art remind us of beautiful, traditional Eastern European folk dresses...what a talent!


Check out this fascinating video of how this artisan creates her beautiful embroidery designs in icing on cookies [and cakes!]