Italian Dream Destination Wedding Becomes a Reality

Italian Dream Destination Wedding Becomes a Reality!

Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming; birds are chirping; and temperatures are rising. With the perfect Southern California weather in full force, we find ourselves daydreaming and wanting to fill that wanderlust that Spring can bring! Now, after seeing Sharlene and Craig's picturesque Italian dream wedding photos, we are itching to travel to where this story takes place: Florence, Italy. When asked what she would change, Sharlene said that she wouldn't change a thing. After browsing through the gallery, we couldn't agree more. 

Sharlene and Craig had been dating for 8 years when Craig took a knee in their favorite city on the Santa Trinita bridge with the sun setting over the Arno River. The story could end there and still be striking. However, that wouldn't be all of it. Nine months before their planned wedding in Melbourne, Australia (Craig and Sharlene's hometown) both of Sharlene's grandparents passed away. With such devastating events weighing heavily on Sharlene's heart, the couple decided to rethink what was important to them and how they truly envisioned their perfect day to be. All previous plans were scratched, and the couple had 40 of their closest friends and family travel from Melbourne to Florence to share with them the most magnificent wedding the two could imagine.

Photographer: Facibeni Fotografia // Dress: Steven Khalil // Bridesmaids Dresses: Zimmermann // Venue: Villa La Vedetta // Florals: Stiatti Fiori

Ciao Bella! It's a Romantic Mona Lisa Styled Shoot in Florence, Italy

Photographer Johanna Jacobson of Ambientimages Photography has outdone herself with a gorgeous Italian styled shoot set atop the Antique Tower Via Tornabuoni and on the bridges and streets of romantic Florence, Italy. This shoot was inspired by the real Mona Lisa, or Lisa Gherardini "la Gioconda" and her enigmatic espression painted around 1503 - 1506 by Leonardo da Vinci in Florence. Mona Lisa, or Lisa del Giocondo was the wife of a rich Florentine silk merchant. Through a series of circumstances the Mona Lisa can be found at the Louvre in Paris, but in 1911 an Italian employee of the Louvre feeling patriotic, felt that the painting deserved to be in Italy. He stole the painting and attempted to sell it two years later to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Makeup artist Silvia Gerzell used golden eye shadow power and tones as a reference back to the nearby Uffizi galleries and the golden halos painstakingly applied to the saints portrayed in masterpiece works of that era. Located near Santa Trinita, where Mona Lisa spent her childhood, the Antica Torre di Tornabuoni is a historical residence built in the 1300's that Mona Lisa certainly passed by daily. We can imagine that she may have been a visitor to the property and perhaps friendly with the tower's original owners, the Gherardini family. 

With an unmistakable resemblance to our famous muse, model Kristina from Look Now Model Management captures the enigmatic and undecipherable, but welcoming smile that graces the most famous painting in the world.The modern, yet romantic silhouette of Sarah Foy's wedding dress design effortlessly reminds us of a classic but aristocratic style that perfectly mirrors the renaissance monuments in the background. The red-hued Duomo in the center of Florence, along with the San Miniato al Monte church overlooking the city, all contribute to the overall feeling of La Gioconda in a modern, but historical Florence.

Smitten on Paper's gorgeous stationary reflect the pink and green pastel marble used on the intricate designs of the Duomo. The pastel pink and white blooms further contribute to this soft modern romance under a turquoise sky. The gold makeup and hues are further reflected in the choice of shoot location in front of the Ponte Vecchio where the world's finest goldsmiths sell their historical designs.

Photographer: Johanna Jacobson
Wedding Planner and Stylist: Rosie Meleady
Dress: Sarah Foy
Model: Kristina from Look Now Model Management
Hair and Make up: Silvia Gerzeli 
Florist:  Violamalva
Confetti (bonbons): La Confettia Firenze 
Guest Gifts: Officina Profumo - Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella
Venue: Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni, Florence, Italy
Stationary: Smitten on Paper
Postcard, Stamps, Florentine Leather Journal - Photographer Ambientimage's private vintage collection.