A South Asian Punjabi Wedding Celebration marries Beauty and Style

For those that don't know about Punjabi wedding traditions the 'Sangeet' is colorful and bold celebration hosted by the girl's family, with some of the boy's family in attendance, that sometimes goes for days with dancing, drumming, feasting and music - it is like a giant, very festive and colorful bridal shower for all! While the 'Walima' is the traditional marriage banquet akin to a Western wedding reception with all the family and friends after the ceremony of marriage.

Bob Hoffman Photography & Video captured this bright and colorful two part wedding that was so full of love and life that they felt just like they were part of the family! See the whole wedding and vendor credits here.

Sara & Adam had a beautiful weekend long celebration of their love with friends and family at the Marriott La Jolla. Their celebrations included performances, dances, musical numbers & skits by friends & family. Sara & Adam's only wish for the weekend was that everyone enjoyed themselves and it's safe to say that their guests will be talking about this weekend for years to come. This gorgeous celebration, so full of love and color, went on for days in true Punjabi style!