Celebrate your Sexy with professional Boudoir Photographs for your Valentine!

Celebrate Your Sexy is an all female team of professional photographers, digital artists, image consultants, and customer service representatives who are all committed to helping women see their true beauty through the lens of boudoir photography. They are passionate about ensuring that each woman leaves her total experience with us feeling beautiful, empowered, and absolutely sexy in her own skin.

Whether it be for the perfect groom’s gift at your wedding or to celebrate a milestone in your life, Celebrate Your Sexy makes sure to exceed all expectations and create an amazing and personal boudoir experience for each and every one of their clients. What a great way to celebrate live and romance!

Happy Valentine's day early to all the newly engaged couples in San Diego!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you all the romance and love you deserve! Do you and your honey have something special planned? How about lovely libations like these beautifully romantic red cocktails by local drink experts Snake Oil Cocktail Co! The cocktail experts, and their pin worthy creations, of Snake Oil are the perfect mood setter for any romantic evening or event!

cocktails by Snake Oil Cocktail Company

We celebrate 7 of our all-time favorite romantic movies to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day

Moonstruck always stands put as a fave romantic movie.! Nicolas Cage and Cher falling in love with that amazing soundtrack of Italian classics and of course, La Boheme. 


If you have not seen the classic tale of love [almost!] lost you must stop whatever you are doing and immediately watch An Affair to Remember. Cary Grant was the leading man's leading man in Hollywood's golden age for a reason. 

After, and only after, you have watched an Affair to Remember, can you really appreciate Sleepless in Seattle, since SiS was actually a Valentine to the classic. Another great soundtrack.


Here he is again, Cary Grant! This story of Philadelphia socialite finding her true love is a classic for reason! The Philadelphia Story reminds you that true love is truly 'yar'.


A charming Merchant Ivory movie period piece that celebrates persistence and being true to oneself, A Room with a View is gorgeous and smart. 


This year's hit with critics, Call Me by Your Name is an ode to love and that certain something you feel when you find the one.


And of course it would be inconceivable to forget the all time classic romantic fairytale that we all know and love....The Princess Bride. As you wish.