Kleinfeld’s favorite bridal accessory designer is having a clearance sale!!

JMC SALE! 💙 Justine M Couture (Kleinfeld New York and Kleinfeld Canada’s favorite and best selling accessory and veil designer!) is making room for their latest Spring Collection and has some beautiful pieces on sale online at their "Bespoke Shop".  But don’t wait too long - sale ends April 30!

Click here👉🏻 to shop: https://www.justinemcouture.com/bespoke-shop

Beautiful Bridal Headpieces Are an Exciting Adornment to your Wedding Day Look!

Bridal stylist and designer Sandra Nicole Designs knows how to accessorize! This dynamic mother and daughter duo have styled and designed accessories for bridal designers for New York, Los Angeles and Orange County fashion week and have helped hundreds of lucky brides find their way to their perfect wedding day style. We love this collection of bridal headpieces [live from New York bridal fashion show] by Sandra Nicole Design - this line brings drama and fun to your wedding day ensemble! 

Bridal Shoes full of style and Full of Heart - check out these gorgeous Vegan non-leather heles!

We are always watching what intrepid Fashion Editor, the adorable, stylish and style obsessed Kelly Brown, Editor of the fashion blog Lula and Sailor, is up to! We especially love that Kelly is always on the lookout for vegan or cruelty free products and we have to say wit these shoes she scored! Check out these gorgeous vegan, non-leather bridal shoes at Macy's! Bravo Macy's for carrying humane accessories! 

About Kelly:

with a background of 8 years dominating the fashion industry in breeds of PR, Marketing, Designing, and Styling, Kelly Transformed her career into a full time Fashion And Lifestyle Blogger at Lula and Sailor

With her Love of travel and home decor, she dreams of showing the world beauty through her eyes.

Wedding Parasols are Perfect for any Outdoor Event and now they're on Sale

Did you know we sell [direct to you] the highest quality adult sized natural white paper parasols for keeping you cool and shaded on your wedding day? Well we do and right now they are on sale! Get yours here

Gorgeous photos courtesy of Tim Otto Photography, thanks Tim!! 

Something Bleu Bridal Boutique Understands Bridal Gown Magic and Wants to Share it with You!

Something Bleu is a bridal and formal wear boutique, located in the coastal city of Oceanside, that specializes in cultivating a truly unforgettable experience for the bride and her bridal party.

Something Bleu Bridal Boutique carries your favorite [and many up and coming] bridal gown designers like Reem Acra, Claire La Faye, Jude Jowilson, Sophia Tolli, Enchanting and Montage by Mon Cheri, and Lillian West plus bridesmaids & formal fashions, flower girls, accessories and more!

The girls at Something Bleu know... it all starts with finding that fabulous dress and then everything else falls into place.

Founder Ginny Lopez and Fashion Director Bebe Lashley bring their valuable expertise and knowledge to So Cal brides, these ladies have traveled extensively, both locally and internationally, to create a collection so amazing all to make sure that their clients have an outstanding and unique selection of bridal fashion. 

Something Bleu founder Ginny Lopez is an established event stylist and interior designer with an extensive portfolio. Her passion for design and love of fashion was evident at her own Great Gatsby inspired wedding, as well as many other weddings and events she has styled.

Something Bleu founder Ginny Lopez is an established event stylist and interior designer with an extensive portfolio. Her passion for design and love of fashion was evident at her own Great Gatsby inspired wedding, as well as many other weddings and events she has styled.

Bebe Lashley is a San Diego based personal stylist with a deep love for fashion. In addition to previously owning a retail store, Bebe has an impressive knowledge of fashion trends and styles garnered from years of experience in fashion merchandising and retail management.

Bebe Lashley is a San Diego based personal stylist with a deep love for fashion. In addition to previously owning a retail store, Bebe has an impressive knowledge of fashion trends and styles garnered from years of experience in fashion merchandising and retail management.

Stuart Weitzman Introduces a Beautiful Bridal Shoe Collection

Long known for their gorgeous, fashion forward shoes (that are also extremely well-made) designer Stuart Weitzman introduces a beautiful bridal shoe collection that will have you swooning!  


With glitter and rhinestones and this season's beautiful, subtle colors they've even got a rose gold metallic strappy sandals!! We think this collection will make any of your SJP* loving friends build a separate shoe closet!  


*Sara Jessica Parker / Sex and the City reference  


GLITTER! On your wedding shoes!!! Yes yes yes!  

Embellished bridal fashion isn't just for gowns! Check out this petal embellished veil by Justine M Couture

There's a huge trend in embellished gowns for 2017 and we love [more to come on hat soon!] with butterflies, flowers and petals cascading down trains and adorning bridal gown skirts. But the trend also extends to accessories like this gorgeous petal encrusted veil by bridal accessories designer Justine M Couture who just happens to be Kleinfeld's [home to the New York original version of the TLC hit TV show "Say Yes to the Dress"] #1 accessories designer.

We are so glad that Veils are back in a big way!

The Bridal Veil is such a romantic and powerful accessory to wear only once on your wedding day! We love that veils, whose popularity had diminished for a few decades, are back in a big, bold, beautiful way like this embroidered masterpiece named "The Rose Hip Veil" by Justine M Couture!

Over the top bridal accessories by Fiori Couture stand out on wedding day

Bold, standout bridal accessories are trending! With super dramatic bridal gowns showing up on the runway and in many a major designers collection, brides need accessories that can hold up and not get lost in their overall styling of the day. Fiori Couture delivers dramatic and creative bridal accessories to swoon over!

Fiori's Camellia Collection Limited Edition

Fiori's Camellia Collection Limited Edition

Love Fiori Couture's Vintage Egg basket hand bag and matching cuffs.  White  lacquer Camellia with vintage glass French buttons and French velvet ribbon. Photos by the amazing Absolut Moderne.

Bridal fashion trend: filagreed bridal jewelry

Filigree, a delicate kind of metalwork, suggests lace and is reminiscent of Indian and Asian metalwork. Popular from the 17th to the 19th century in Italian and French metalwork from 1660 to the late 19th century, Filagree is making a fabulous comeback with brides.  

This beautiful Filigree encrusted bracelet by Justine M Couture, The Amalie - available in gold, rose gold [all the rage this year!!] and silver, celebrates this ancient form of art. 

Trend alert: the bridal choker necklace

The 'choker' necklace has a long and illustrious history. The choker [or very fitted necklace the sits snugly around ones neck like a turtle neck] is by far this season's boldest statement piece of jewelry! Pairing well with low or plunging necklines the choker first made a fashion appearance around the time of English Queen [and notorious bold woman!] Anne Boleyn (remember the pearl "B" necklace worn by Natalie Portman playing Anne Boleyn in "The Other Boleyn Sister"). The choker was immensely popular in the late 19th century partly due to England's Alexandra, Princess of Wales [precursor to Diana!] who wore thick rows of pearls and velvet, setting quite the trend. Fitting right in for today's bold Queen (or future Queen) is this gorgeous and bold choker by Justine M Couture bridal jewelry and accessories.  


San Diego's very own BHLDN store is opening soon!

You heard right! Anthropologie's fantastically popular, trend inducing bridal division BHLDN (pronounced "beholden") is opening a bridal store in Carlsbad at the Forum next month! The grand opening is slated for August 9 with a special Soiree August 11. Prepare to swoon!

Elaborate detailing highlights the 2016 collection  

Elaborate detailing highlights the 2016 collection  

BHLDN Took the bridal fashion world by storm a few years ago when they were introduced to rave reviews with a rich style that speaks to brides young and old p, casual and formal.

Flattering necklines, sheer overlays and beautiful lines are very BHLDN  

Flattering necklines, sheer overlays and beautiful lines are very BHLDN  


4 bridal crowns that will make you feel like a Queen on your wedding day

Many people talk about wanting to feel like a princess on their wedding day but we think it's better to straighten that crown and feel like a queen!  Wearing a crown gets you in touch with the empowered beautiful and regal soul that you are and these four crowns by uber bridal accessory designer Justine M Couture (Kleinfeld New York and Kleinfeld Canada's favorite and best selling accessory designer!) will have you enjoying your wedding day like royalty!

The Florence Crown by Justine M Couture

The Florence Crown by Justine M Couture

The Florence Crown with 13 pieces of large diamond filigree create a full oval crown decorated with Swarovski baguette, princess and navette cut rhinestones in silver, gold , rose gold or white metal silver stones.

The Mermaids Purse Crown by Justine M Couture

The Mermaids Purse Crown by Justine M Couture

The Mermaids Purse Crown, molded filigree encrused with Swarovski rhinestones and mother of pearl flowers in antique silver metal.

The Sirens Crown by Justine M Couture

The Sirens Crown by Justine M Couture

The Sitens Crown is a tall, vintage soft silver filigree decorated with rhinestone chain and Swarovski rhinestones.

The Windsor Crown by Justine M Couture  

The Windsor Crown by Justine M Couture  

The Windsor Crown has an antique base Spanish filigree encrusted with Swarovski rhinestones and chain creating a tall regal crown in soft sillver.


Born in Southeast England, to a family of French and English lineage, Lead Designer of the Justine M Couture collections, Justine Louise Helena Murray, brings a sophisticated marriage of the romantic, feminine flair of French style and the tradition and regal elegance of English aristocracy, to all her jewelry and veil designs.

Traveling the world collecting ideas and inspiration, Justine made her home in Southern California and in 2002 created The Tiara Room, a charming and popular retail boutique offering her own designs to Southern California brides and event stylists.

From this hands-on beginning with bridal clients, Justine evolved into designing solely for retail boutiques around the world and the Justine M Couture collection was born.

Justine M Couture offers discerning brides a distinct alternative to traditional accessory styling. The collection aims to capture the imagination through extensive use of eclectic materials, raising the level of bridal fashion to that of artistry.

Justine believes Each piece I create is its own unique work of art that hails back to a time when elegance in fashion was more important than a passing trend” 

The 2015/2016 Justine M Couture collection reflects both her English and French heritage.  Her pieces relate both a vintage appeal and a contemporary impact, with a timeless classical foundation that is the key to its appeal and success with brides everywhere. Culling from a wide range of components; from laces to filigree metals, the Justine M Couture line captures attention worldwide.

The official guide to choosing the right veil from expert veil designer Justine M Couture

Ahhh the Veil, symbol of feminine beauty [briefly hidden], virtue and innocence come down the aisle to wed!  Absent for a few decades as a wedding trend, the Veil is back! We offer you an Encyclopedia of Veil terms to help you navigate this romantic and classic tradition with style.  and it a great big beautiful way!  A few to start you off...

Gown meet Veil - Veil meet Gown…

Your gown is the best tool to use when selecting a veil and accessories.  This single item so intimately highlights the outline of your personality.  A simple gown with clean lines is a clean canvas to paint on it what you will …..add a lace veil [like the one by Justine M Couture below] for a romantic vintage touch, a heavily beaded or embroidered veil for classic elegance or keep it simple with a raw cut (no trim) for effortless sophistication. 

Make your veil work for you!

Other fun tips to consider is that most cathedral veils can we double up as a wrap for an evening reception by placing the veil over the shoulders, for a multi purpose look.  Long veils can also be bustled into the skirt of the gown so that you get to wear them for longer and highlight any embroidery or detail…… be sure to make the veil work for you!  

Length, Cut and Details

The veil’s length, cut, styling and details are easier to select if you consider the style of your bridal gown.  Consideration should always be given to the back of the gown to ensure that any particular pattern or cut, bow or waist band, bustle, belt or beading on the back of your gown isn’t compromised by adding a veil with competing trim or mainly in the wrong length.  Elaborate and flamboyant gowns can be enhanced by dramatic or simple veils, depending on the wearer’s personality. 

  • Gown Shape and Width

    When choosing a veil your bridal gown’s shape and width should be considered:

    A gown with a lot of movement works well with a wavy or “waterfall” cut veil.
  • A full-skirted ball gown is the perfect gown to pair with a wide cut or “teardrop” shape veil to encompass the width of the full skirt. 
  • A gown with very straight or clean lines works well with any veil, as you can either mirror the line of the dress or create more volume with shape.
  • You can create a more dramatic silhouette with any veil by adding layers, thereby adding volume and character. Consider a circular cut veil where the comb is in the center of a circle or oval so that the trimmed edge sits around the base of the veil (i.e. away from the face) allowing you to wear a more elaborately trimmed veil.

Some 2016 Veil trends are gorgeous and dramatic lace veils, Juliet Cap veils, embellished veils with pearls and stones and sparkle, and the classic double layer veil so popular in the 1950's...enjoy!

Sarah Jessica Parker brings Carrie's great taste in shoes to weddings with a gorgeous bridal shoe collection

Any fan of "Sex and the City" knows Carrie knows her shoes! And we're so excited that Sarah Jessica Parker [who played Carrie] has brought out a beautiful collection of bridal shoes. And yes 'those blue ones' that Big placed on her feet, 'Prince Charming and Cinderella style' are in the line. 


Available now at Zappos, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales and at Kleinfeld New York.


And even more to choose from...the girl has great taste as Carrie or as SJP! 


Soft, Silky and Sweet Bridal Ready Robes...the cutest trend for brides and maids!

Looking for the perfect gift for your bridesmaids and for you all to enjoy your wedding day ready room in style?! Look no farther Silk n More kimonos are here! We just love these adorable silk robes that make it so easy to be comfy [champagne while you get ready anyone?] and then slip into your gown without messing up the gorgeous wedding day hair and makeup you just spent an hour and a half having perfectly applied! 

The latest trend for these vintage patterned cotton robes for you boho gals is mismatched but we like them all!! Silk n More says "All robes are made of cotton. We have very strict standards about the quality of cotton that are sourced. We use very soft fabric which keeps getting softer and more "breathy" with every wash." And they come in every color and size imaginable!

Source: https://www.etsy.com/shop/silkandmore?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Custom cage purses by Fiori Couture take accessories to a whole new level

If you are looking for the most fabulous purse accessory to pair with your gorgeous bridal gown look no further. Fiori Couture has created a line of metal cage handbags that are individual works of art. These hand made metal creations pair perfectly with any dramatic style, especially an over-the-top very feminine bridal gown!

The Pavilion fashion show from the Valentine's Day Wedding Party EXPO

The February 14 Wedding Party EXPO was a fun day of engaged couples, wedding style, wedding experts celebrating love and weddings! The Pavilion Tent was host to a few special fashion shows for the general admission attendees: 

The first was on the heart stage and featured Designer Bridal Gowns by: Allure, Winnie Couture, Allure Romance, Galia Lahav, Geny Maalouf and Nicole Miller

Hair and Makeup by: Panache and Company Salon

Accessories by: Justine M Couture

Sound and Lighting by: San Diego Disc Jockey (The Kelley Company) 

Backdrops by: The Foto Box [heart] and With Love Event Decor [ribbons]

Nicole Miller Bridal Gowns; the perfect style for the Lauren Sharon Designer Fashion Lounge

And there was a special little fashion show at the Valentine's Day Wedding Party EXPO! The Fashion Lounge by Lauren Sharon Design & Rentals was the perfect scenario for the subtle beauty of Nicole Miller Bridal Gowns. And in case you didn't hear Nicole Miller is now in the Forum in Carlsbad in a fabulous new location! Take a look at the Fashion Lounge from the show...

Gowns by: Nicole Miller

Staging and Decor by: Lauren Sharon Design & Rentals

Hair and Makeup by: Panache and Company Salon