We Love these Gorgeous and Unique Handcrafted Raw Stone Engagement and Wedding Rings

Do you believe in the power of the earth, the strength of intention, and the beauty of art? Well look no further then, for you have found your next jewelry obsession!

Handcrafted Gems offers a collection of handcrafted rings to bring joy, healing, and power to the lives of others. Their gems are carefully sourced and thoughtfully collected and their designs speak of the raw power of nature and magic!

Artist Olivia Rose creates gorgeous, unique and soulful raw stone jewelry infused with stories of healing, wellness, and health. She thoughtfully collects stones like Blue Apatite (the stone for deep spiritual and dream work), Rose Quartz (the stone of the heart and love!) , Moonstone (mysterious and powerful stone of the inward journey), Aquamarine (the stone of the sea, inspiring truth, purity and safety), Turquoise (the stone of the sky and talisman of both shamans and warriors) and more and blends them with settings that enhance the rawness of the stones to create something magical and beautiful to adorn your hand - and give that left hand ring finger something natural and exciting to rave about. 

Vintage Gold Lockets make for a Special Wedding Jewelry Keepsake

Whether it holds a lock of your loved ones hair as they did in Victorian times or a special message from your intended, a beautiful vintage gold locket like these from Vintage Jewelry Lounge make the perfect jewelry and keepsake for your wedding day! 

Victorian and Art Nouveau Lockets by Vintage Jewelry Lounge:

1 x Sister/Sister or Mother/Daughter Locket-Victorian Circa-1900 and 3 x Art Nouveau Lockets Circa-1890-1910.  All lockets are gold filled with set with diamonds/turquoise and garnets. 

BHLDN brings bridal jewelry to life with beautiful vintage style necklaces

The Opal Blossom necklace by BHLDN really ticks all boxes for a bride's ultimate necklace on her wedding day: it's unique, it's sparkly, it's memorable with a hint of 'something blue' and it is a knockout! Checkout more of their bridal collection online or at the San Diego Anthropologie BHLDN location in The Forum Carlsbad. 


Wearing the look of "I Love You" in gold or platinum on the fourth finger of your left hand

A very creative jewelry company has designed a meaningful and personal way to wear your love. The Encode Ring takes spoken three-second phrases (the perfect amount of time to say "I love you" or "I do") and captures them into sound waves that are then transformed into a custom-crafted metal ring.


Your sound waves will appear different depending on the words you say and the inflection of your voice; ensuring that each ring is wholly unique and meaningful for you and your intended. With its unique sound wave shape this ring is sure to elicit a lot of comments and compliments and is the perfect way to say “I love you” in an beautiful and unique way.


 Encode’s jewelry is available in multiple metals, from stainless steel all the way to high-end platinum. You can visit the website now to record your message and see how it’d look in a ring setting

Bridal fashion trend: filagreed bridal jewelry

Filigree, a delicate kind of metalwork, suggests lace and is reminiscent of Indian and Asian metalwork. Popular from the 17th to the 19th century in Italian and French metalwork from 1660 to the late 19th century, Filagree is making a fabulous comeback with brides.  

This beautiful Filigree encrusted bracelet by Justine M Couture, The Amalie - available in gold, rose gold [all the rage this year!!] and silver, celebrates this ancient form of art.