How to Choose your San Diego Wedding Vehicle by San Diego Party Bus Service

How to Choose your San Diego Wedding Vehicle

Lucky you! You have so many choices when it comes to the wedding vendors at your San Diego wedding - since San Diego is the most popular wedding city in the USA [and 10th most popular destination city in the world!] there’s a lot to work with here. In fact, so many options is exactly what makes choosing wedding services so hard! Your options for customizing your wedding to your liking are absolutely limitless. One very important choices you will have to make is the method of San Diego wedding transportation. There are all kinds of vehicles you can choose from, but how do you know which is best for your specific needs? Here are a few ideas on some of the most common vehicle choices engaged couples make and how they can benefit your celebration. For more information, check out

Party Buses

This has become the most popular choice for San Diego weddings, and we will tell you why. The biggest reason is that party buses have tons of space for the wedding party to move around in. They're also an excellent choice for shuttling your guests from one spot to the next without worries of them driving themselves around after enjoying drinks at your reception.


The great thing about choosing a limousine for your San Diego wedding is the fact that there are so many different vehicle styles to choose from. There are classic town cars as well as SUV's and even luxury options like Hummer limousines. This makes it quite easy to find an awesome limo that works with the specific vision that you have for your wedding. You cannot deny the classic and elegant appeal that limousines have for weddings, and this is part of the reason why they are such a great choice for wedding transportation.

Unique and rare vehicles

There are companies and individuals who rent out exotic cars for weddings. These can range from vehicles like trolleys, to sports cars and vintage cars. These types of vehicles are highly sought after, and can be booked up to two years in advance sometimes! If you are looking for an exotic vehicle for your wedding, be sure to start your search as early as possible. Unless you are reserving a trolley, specialty vehicles are often only big enough for one to three people. So, it's a good idea to reserve a secondary vehicle for your wedding party if that's applicable to your needs.

5 Wedding Transportation Insider Secrets from San Diego Party Bus

5 Wedding Transportation Insider Secrets

Chances are, you've never had the task of procuring wedding transportation. It can be tricky knowing who you can trust or what exactly you're looking for. The right transportation can certainly elevate the efficiency of your celebration.  Here are 5 insider secrets when it comes to wedding transportation. This will be helpful information you can reflect on as you prepare to make your wedding vendor decisions!

1. Book as early as possible

Often times, transportation companies adjust their pricing as periods of time get busier through out the year. Wedding season (practically all year in San Diego!) happens to be the busiest time of year for limousine and party bus providers, so be sure to book your transportation as soon as possible to lock in availability and the rate you want. 

2. Ask to see the vehicle before you book

Planning a wedding will fill up your schedule, there's no doubt about that. However, it's important to make the time to check out the vehicle you're interested in before actually booking it. You want to make sure it looks as great as it does on the website, and it gives you a chance to meet with the company beforehand and get a better feel for how they conduct business face to face.

3. Sizing of vehicles isn't always what you think

This is another reason why it's important to view a vehicle before booking it. Transportation companies don't set the standards for sizing of vehicles, the department of transportation is responsible for that. They only give about 13 inches for a standard seat size, which isn't very much space at all! This is important to think about if your wedding party has full skirts, as one person could easily take up anywhere from two to four seat spaces.

4. Make sure your transportation provider knows your venue well

An experienced chauffeur will know where it is acceptable to park, drop off, and pick up a group of passengers in the most efficient way. If you hire a company who is not familiar with your wedding venue or picture destinations, you're risking some delays in time as they figure these details out on the spot. The last thing you want is a domino effect of late vendors because you were late to your wedding or reception.

5. Get a clear understanding of their contract

Contracts are an important part of any wedding vendor decision! When it comes to wedding transportation, you want to be aware of any extra fees that relate to fuel charges, mileage, or tip to the chauffeur. Be sure you're fully informed about the all inclusive price as opposed to the advertised price. A reputable San Diego Party Bus company will be transparent in this regard!