Celebrating Life and The Day of the Dead - our Mexican Campasina Princess Editorial Shoot

The Day of the Dead is a celebration of all those we love who have passed over and blurs the line between those we love who are still with us and those we love on the other side. Honoring our loved ones past and present is such an important part of any wedding celebration. This exclusive editorial work of art celebrates this colorful and powerful day of remembering all whom we have loved [human non human] and keeping them close. With incredible photography by Betsy McCue of LaVida Creations, styling by Love Your Show, Inc./SanDiegoWedding.com and gowns by Pas de Deux, we hope you love our celebration of life everlasting on this day that celebrates Dia de los Muertos with color, altars, an ode to Our Lady of Guadalupe, a little Frida Kahlo, and of course, adorable rescued perros.

Venue: Marriott Marquis San Diego 
Photographer: Betsy McCue of LaVida Creations
Staging Furnishings: Lauren Sharon
Custom Staging and Altars:  Love Your Show, Inc.
Gowns:  Pas de Deux                  
Hair & Makeup: Studio Savvy
Florals: Studio B          
Crown: Justine M Couture
Other Jewelry: Private Collection
Guest Star Dog Models Dozer and Muncha: San Diego Humane Society

Looking to honor your loved ones who have passed at your wedding in a tasteful and meaningful way? Be sure to keep it respectful but yet not maudlin - your loved ones wouldn't want you to be sad on your wedding day! Try these tips:

  1.  create a nice decorated table with framed images of your loved ones - add some quotes that they were known for to help people smile in memory of them 
  2. create an altar of candles for guests to light in honor of previous generations and family members
  3. family tree decor is a popular trend for good reason - check with your calligrapher to create a beautiful family tree masterpiece to display at your reception 
  4. have your officiant talk about the qualities that loved ones past have brought to you and your family - the more specific you get the better; "Sara brings to her marriage the loyalty and kindness that her Grandmother Maria showed her every single day by telling her how much she loved her and believed in her."
  5. have a special song played during ceremony if the person who you are honoring is recently passed or if the loss is not as recent, play the song during your reception for all to join in in honor of all family - make sure your DJ clearly announces the meaning of the song and gets everyone up to join in and move to celebrate life in the oldest traditions; dance
  6. wear a keepsake or photo of them on you bouquet or for the guys on your lapel
  7. lighting a candle in honor of all family during your ceremony is a discreet and classic way to honor those who are not at the wedding
  8. offer a big happy toast to loved ones and name them specifically to celebrate their spirit and joie de vivre "Here's to you Grandpa Dave!!"