We’re so glad the bridal veil is back! Designer Justine M Couture brings you the dreamiest veils!

The bridal veil has been a tradition with many meanings and symbolism attached to it through history.  But today’s embellished and luxurious veils by designer Justine M Couture add glamour to any Bride’s special day!  Here we present the Camille veil from the recent  Embellished Veil Collection by Justine M Couture.


photo by Stacy Childers

We are so glad that Veils are back in a big way!

The Bridal Veil is such a romantic and powerful accessory to wear only once on your wedding day! We love that veils, whose popularity had diminished for a few decades, are back in a big, bold, beautiful way like this embroidered masterpiece named "The Rose Hip Veil" by Justine M Couture!

Embroidered Veils bring a little Bohemian Luxe to any bride's ensemble

Check out this gorgeous embroidered veil by designer Justine M Couture. The Gypsea [reversible] Veil is a stunning piece of fashion to add to a bride's day! Shown here is silver.

Richly embroidered accessories are so 2016! We just love this piece of fashion art- it's luxurious and Bohemian with a vintage feel all at the same time!