You're invited to the opening party of Horton Plaza Park May 4

Horton Plaza Park, located at the corner of Broadway and 4th downtown San Diego is soon to be San Diego’s newest outdoor venue! This exciting refurbishing of an iconic downtown location debuts May 4, 2016 and you're invited to join the party! Looks like this grand opening party will be a big deal so click here to get all the info...

Horton Plaza Park will be a dynamically activated and highly utilized resource for the community supporting the ongoing effort revitalize downtown San Diego. This world-class urban Park will be a central hub and epicenter of activity downtown, hosting a full calendar of events every year.

A little history: 

In 1895, the area of the Park was sold to the city of San Diego by its namesake, Alonzo Horton. Originally, the plaza was intended for use by his guests staying t the Horton House Hotel as well as for visitors to the area. Now, with the renovation of Horton Plaza Park, one of San Diego’s oldest civic landmarks, the Historic Irving Gill Fountain, has been restored to its original condition.

Various historical moments took place here from 1800 to present. For instance, on November 2, 1960, then-Senator John F. Kennedy spoke at Horton Plaza to make a last-minute appeal for votes just days before the 1960 Presidential Election!