Another beautiful day in America's #1 wedding spot!

It's true!! The statistics are in and San Diego is the the #1 wedding city in the USA! We do more weddings than any other city each and every year! And (drum roll please....) San Diego is the 10th most popular destination wedding spot in the world! But you're not surprised are you? And here's why....Sure San Diego is a navy town, but it's also a laid back So Cal hippie town, it's a gay town and a straight town, a black, white, Latino, Asian, Native, immigrant and locals town. We are an ocean-fronted, bay-sided, desert and winery-surrounded city situated right on an International border with another country who is no stranger to great hospitality. Know why we're called America's finest city? Because from the wineries to the waves we've got it all. We represent every type of people, style and ideas in the world and we do everything with style. San Diego is all thing wonderful mixed together in one beautiful and special place. So thanks for using to plan your most beautiful and special day in San Diego. And as we say 'love totally, plan locally'. 

Thanks to She Wanders (one our fav local photogs) for the pic xo