Bridesmaid Dresses Have Come a Long Way Baby!

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Oh yeah, Bridesmaids fashion has certainly come a log way baby! In the sixties strong colors and patterns were huge [literally] for bridesmaids.

But now designers like The House of Berta have a new take on the task of designing and creating bridesmaids dresses that are sheer elegance and beauty personified!
Just imagine the wedding you would have with these bold and beautiful dresses on your besties. Enjoy this breath of fresh air in wedding fashion! 

Today's take on a patterned bridesmaid's gown by Berta with beading and more subtle lines.

Gather your favorite girls, BHLDN now has bridesmaids fashion

It was just a matter of time before this harbinger of fashion and style making brought out and exciting and yes we're going to say it re-wearable bridesmaids fashions. BHLDN has bridesmaids dresses!  


These muted rose and soft pinks are super popular for 2017 bridal parties!


By contrast rich blues and navy add a formality yet are more fresh in feel than black.


Mauve and blush like a beautiful ballerina palette at your wedding!


Watercolor aqua, watery blue and barely there prints like these will be abundant at waterfront weddings everywhere!

To Bridesmaid or Not To Bridesmaid...that is the Wedding Question of the Day!

Picking out your bridesmaids is one of the most challenging parts of planning a wedding.  

Whether you are Type A and have been planning every detail out to avoid any and all possible problems that arise, or Type B and you are just letting everything work itself out and just enjoying the ride, picking out bridesmaids is not "easy." Sure, you may have your 5 "besties," your only sister as MOH, and a soon-to-be sister-in-law as your obvious picks to make the perfect 7 girls. However, girls, it's just not that simple. The newly popular, Bridesmaid proposal, adds yet another creative decision to be made. To top it off, if you're the last of your friends to get married, you feel the need to be even more original and not accidentally copy someone else's previous ideas.

To help you out, we've created what we think to be the top 3 tips to keep in mind while engaging in the "Bridesmaid Chronicles." 

1. Don't go overboard when proposing to your Bridesmaids.

We know you love them! And we know you're thinking you want to go all out and ask your girls to be by your side on the best day of your life in a really big way. However, things will come that will cost more than you had planned on them costing. So, our suggestion is ask them in a small, yet meaningful way, and go bigger when picking out an actual bridesmaid gift that you will give them come wedding time. 

2. Pick out a specific Pantone color for your Bridesmaids.

Sorry, our designer geek is showing. It's not an actual Pantone color. But it does require you going to an actual bridal boutique, like those in our San Diego Bridal and Bridesmaid fashion directory, to look at designer color swatches. Now, if you are assigning a single dress for all of your girls to wear, you can proceed to the next tip. However, if you want each Bridesmaid to have a unique style of dress, but all the same color, GO PICK IT OUT. Your wedding day is far too risky a day to have everyone show up in blush except your cousin who shows up in magenta because it was "pink." We highly suggest specifying you want "Blush Garden" by Dessy, for example. 

3. Finally, keep the big picture of your Wedding in mind.

While having your girls organized and perfectly in place is a big part of your wedding, it is not the most important part. The biggest part of your wedding day is remembering that it is YOUR wedding day-- the day that is supposed to be the best one of your life so far. So, while you want everything to go as smoothly as possible, remember why you picked those girls to stand by your side on this day. If they truly are your best friends, then they will accept your "bridezilla" moments or pickiness over their hair pins because they know it is your day. So don't worry about stepping on anyone's toes, and don't worry about what will happen if your college roommate and Bridesmaid shoes up with two different shoes on. Everything will be okay!

Cheers! And be sure to check out our local San Diego Bridal and Bridesmaids Salons directory!  Lovely bridesmaids photos by Tim Otto Photography!

Keep your maids happy with Vow to Be Chic rental designer maids dresses!

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So the final scoop on this genius idea is:

  • Your maids save a ton of money - no longer do bridesmaids have to spend $300+ on a dress in a random color/style that they will never wear again (and remind you of for years!)
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Yes, it’s THAT easy! Men have had easy access to this seamless rental model for wedding tuxes for decades, now the girls have it too!