Wedding Moments that Matter More than Likes

Just imagine 50 years from now looking through these and understanding just how much these moments really mattered!! they may not matter for likes, but they sure do matter to the people who love you enough to celebrate life with you. Thanks to Bree at Parallel 33 Photograhy for loving people and for seeing and capturing amazing real moments!!

1️⃣ wedding party getting TURNT

2️⃣ guests celebrating

3️⃣ bride’s dad interrogating the groom during the garter toss

4️⃣ grandma & grandpa relishing in their own love and marriage

5️⃣ families growing up (they won’t stay little for long)

6️⃣ Jake being a charismatic goofball

7️⃣ party bus

8️⃣ holding hands on the way to ceremony

Beautiful Wedding Moments Captured by the Award Winning Photographers at WASIO

With their amazing images winning merit at the International Photographic Competition (IPC) from the prestigious Professional Photographers of America earlier this month, you can see why working with the talented team at WASIO Photography to capture your wedding magic is a choice many very satisfied couples have made! Their work is bold, rich, beautiful and magical and they really know their stuff too! Check out their advice of "20 questions to ask your wedding photographer" article and more exciting photo inspiration in their wedding gallery of work

And meet the WASIO Photography team:



This Fab Four of Artists are best friends, and since June of 2014, business partners as well. They met each other few years ago at a wedding expo. Says Yaneck, “Even though our booths were not close to each other we right away knew that we would be friends. Few years later and Magda is Sasha’s maid of honor and Marcin and Yaneck can hang out for hours talking about photography, gear, landscaping, beer, and tons of other random topics. We would say that’s a pretty typical activity for San Diego wedding photographers:)....

It first started with Marcin photographing with Yaneck a good number of weddings. We quickly realized that even though our styles differ a little bit we love similar style of photography and most importantly we value high quality photographs. Overall, our style is mix of photojournalism and clean, fun, artistic portraits. We strive to create timeless photographs of your special days, moments, events in your life.

Photographing is so much fun and we often work together. Of course we have our “insider” jokes and our favorite one is: “Linda, but listen, I got a really good one!” So don’t think we are totally weird when we photograph your wedding and say it to each other:) But besides our insider jokes we want to make sure you have fun being photographed! So we promise we will make you laugh one way or another. Feel free to make fun of us as well!

Besides photography we all love to travel. The photo above it’s a self-portrait from a trip to the Death Valley National Park. When we saw this drive we knew it was calling our names! We often travel back to Poland and our favorite places in Europe are definitely Spain and Italy.”