We celebrate 7 of our all-time favorite romantic movies to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day

Moonstruck always stands put as a fave romantic movie.! Nicolas Cage and Cher falling in love with that amazing soundtrack of Italian classics and of course, La Boheme. 


If you have not seen the classic tale of love [almost!] lost you must stop whatever you are doing and immediately watch An Affair to Remember. Cary Grant was the leading man's leading man in Hollywood's golden age for a reason. 

After, and only after, you have watched an Affair to Remember, can you really appreciate Sleepless in Seattle, since SiS was actually a Valentine to the classic. Another great soundtrack.


Here he is again, Cary Grant! This story of Philadelphia socialite finding her true love is a classic for reason! The Philadelphia Story reminds you that true love is truly 'yar'.


A charming Merchant Ivory movie period piece that celebrates persistence and being true to oneself, A Room with a View is gorgeous and smart. 


This year's hit with critics, Call Me by Your Name is an ode to love and that certain something you feel when you find the one.


And of course it would be inconceivable to forget the all time classic romantic fairytale that we all know and love....The Princess Bride. As you wish. 


Why we love wedding video...

A good wedding video makes you wish you'd been at a wedding. A great wedding video makes you feel like you were. Wouldn't it be amazing if you had video of your grandma and grandpa or even your great grandparents dancing at their wedding? Or seeing your mom or dad as small children in action at a wedding from decades ago and to imagine that your great grandchildren will have the benefit of feeling that close to you by watching your wedding video generations from now and cry along with you over the love and the connected-ness that a videographer captured is simply incredible…

Cinematography captures the love, the beauty, the feeling, the sounds and the energy …it has so much more depth than any other form of documentation and it's a lot of work. So I commend all our videographers for the beautiful work that they produce and for making permanent memories of so much love. Because loving what they do shows in every frame of their work. We invite you to enjoy this lovely and inspiring selection by Videographer Bryan Bratt.

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The ever talented, creative and trend setting, Vera Wang does it again

As if designing her gorgeous bridal gowns was not enough to make you love Vera Wang, the creative team at Vera Wang bridal is now doing beautiful and moody cinematography with their gowns as the featured player of course....introducing the Vera Wang Spring 2016 Bridal Gown Collection in "Hotel Madrid". Don't forget the popcorn.

Source: http://www.verawang.com/EN/wedding/bridal-collection/spring-2016