Now that's (RCL) entertainment! How the coolest drumming/music/performance art act will wake your reception up!

When it comes down to it, every couple wants the same thing for their reception: for it to be the best most epic, moving, fun filled, dynamic and memorable wedding celebration ever!  So why not have an energetic, exciting, good-time-driven performance [straight from The Grammy’s after parties, MTV VMAs, and the Superbowl!] that gets everyone up and moving at your reception? RCL Entertainment is a unique DJ and musical performance group that will have your guests remembering your epic reception forever!

Ricky “Rocks” Lorek (based in Los Angeles, CA) is an explosive force in the entertainment industry worldwide. Renowned for his raw power, distinctive sound, and feel for the groove, he quickly made a name for himself in the music industry. Ricky is creating a new movement and bringing DJing to a whole new level in the sophisticated private event world by seamlessly combining live drums/percussion with all styles of music (Top 40/Old dance classics/Hip-Hop/Rock). He creates a live drum remix on the spot with no rehearsal time with the DJ.

Whether it’s a bar/bat mitzvah with today’s hottest tracks, a company corporate party, or a 50th wedding anniversary party with all the classic hits there are no boundaries. Ricky plays “for” the event keeping it low key at times and bringing the energy up when needed for the dance sets whether he’s behind the drums or DJing. He brings a “live” feel to the original tracks we all know no matter what style bringing more energy, excitement, & life to the party.

Ricky’s particular approach to the music and unique stand up drum kit sets him apart and makes him a true innovator and incomparable to the rest. His talents led him to perform at some of the most elite A List celebrity events around the world such as the Grammy’s after parties, MTV VMAs, Superbowl XLII, many movie premiers & red carpet events.

Ricky has performed/shared the stage with some of the industries most well known talent such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Collective Soul, & Shinedown to name a few. He has also performed with Joel Madden, and rock icon Tommy Lee on their DJ sets. Ricky has also gained the media’s attention by being featured in many media outlets such as Modern Drummer Magazine & FOX TV. He has headlined major nightclubs coast to coast from Hollywood, Las Vegas, Chicago, to Hawaii and Europe. Ricky wanted to take everything he has learned from the entertainment industry and apply it to the more sophisticated high-end private event world. His goal is to build each of his client’s events uniquely and leave their guests talking and wanting more. Ricky strives on staying ahead of the trends and providing the absolute best quality of entertainment, not cutting any corners. 

The Green Room by Listen Local Motion is the coolest musical happening for your special day!

What do you get when you combine local musical talent, cool stuff, art and an old bread truck? You get the coolest musical happening for your special day that's what!

Cathryn Beeks loves local music and it's makers...and it shows. A struggling artist herself, she's spent the last 13 years providing welcoming places for San Diego musicians to perform. She began a local music podcast in 2006 and was the host of the Homegrown Hour on 102.1 KPRi from 2009 until just before that station left the airwaves. Since that time she's produced a weekly local music internet radio show which airs each Thursday on

In 2013 she opened a little boutique in her home, a vintage/2nd hand clothing store geared towards musicians. Then she had a musical brainstorm. She renovated a 1978 bread truck in an effort to combine and share all of her passions. Voila! Listen Local Motion and The Green Room was born! Listen Local Motion offers "pop up parties" featuring funky fashion, live music/art, photography and recording/broadcasting of The Listen Local Show. Available for private parties, the truck and it's services are completely customizable and always feature LOCAL artisans, musicians and products. Cathryn and her crew are excited to help you make your garden wedding, shower or any event memorable with music! 

Listen Local Motion aka The Green Room is a vintage and 2nd hand mobile boutique specializing in funky fashion for stylish folks on a budget. Part boutique/part studio/part stage, it's where The Listen Local Radio show is recorded, where we host live concerts, streaming webcasts, film video and take photos of movers and shakers in the San Diego music scene. It's where local artists display/sell/share their stuff and where you can connect with local music/art teachers. We can provide live sound/stage for your next concert or make your private parties or business parking lot pop.