Surprise Proposal at San Diego State is Chock Full of Joyous Feels

Photographers get to be a part of so many special moments and live downstream of so many feels! One of our favorites is the surprise proposal! And this one delivers on all the feels!!

Chelsea and Mick both attended San Diego State University and that’s how they met 6-1/2 years ago. He decided to propose on the rooftop of the dorm where they stayed. Family and friends were there with each giving her a rose as she walked down the "aisle" with them. Each loved one also gave her one word as a blessing, only to come to her boyfriend on bended knee! Chelsea was clearly surprised - and as you can probably guess from these awesome photos - said it was the best time of her life. Congratulations Chelsea and Mick!!!

Photographer: Jeff Hall Photography//

Proposal Tips and Trends by Prime Style Jewelry or Getting Him to Propose!

In case you are not where you want to be yet with your honey, the jewelry experts at Prime Style have some great advice: Five Ways to Get Him to Propose!

Sometimes, getting a man to propose is one of the most challenging feats ever. It’s not that he doesn’t love you, but that he may just be clueless about what it is that you want.

Men are wired differently than women are, so he may be contented with your relationship as it is while you’re daydreaming about a forever family. Here are five tips for getting him to propose to you. Try them, and see if they take him closer to popping the question.

Meet His Family

Something about meeting your mate’s family will bring you closer together. Suggest having dinner at his parents’ house if you’ve never met them before. A “meet the parents” meal is sort of a gateway to a proposal because it’s as intimate as you can get with him. If his parents like you, he will be more likely to propose.

Get your family involved, as well. Talk about your beau, and let them know that you’re interested in having them meet him. Take the opportunity to get deeper with him, and let him into your childhood. Your relationship will reach a whole new level at that time.

Probe Him during a Movie

Probing him doesn’t mean jabbing him with an alien analytic device. It just means that you should pick his brain a bit and bring up marriage during something relevant, like a romantic movie.

Interject during the most romantic part of the movie, and say something to drop a hint. You can be blatant if you want as well. “I wish that were us” may work for you if you say it at just the right time.

Take Him Window-Shopping

Nothing says “I’m ready for you to propose to me” like some glistening, affordable wedding ring sets. You’ll have to take him window-shopping for this trick to work. Take him out to your favorite mall, and then stop by the jeweler so he can get a good, close look at what you want. Try a ring on if you want to be a bit bolder, and drop a “How do I look in this?” line.

Another trick you can use is asking for a specific piece. If you see something you like, look at him with puppy-dog eyes and say, “Can I have that one . . . now?”

Discuss It Over a Home-Cooked Meal

You already know that a way to man’s heart is through the meal that you prepare. Therefore, you will have to create a masterpiece of a meal for him. Wait until he’s full and content, and say something like “How would you like to have meals like that for the rest of your life?”

Sure, it may sound like you’re proposing to him, but you're not. You're just helping to increase his awareness of your desire to wed. You’re just giving him a little hint as to what to do next. He can still give you an amazing experience when he asks for your lovely hand.

Just Be Honest

Finally, if all else fails, just tell him outright that you’re thinking about marriage. The most important thing in a relationship, whether or not it’s a marriage, is honesty. When you’re expressing your most candid thoughts on the subject, you may discover if you’re envisioning the same thing for your future.

Sometimes, the conversation may reveal some differences in your outlook and personalities, but knowing those early on will help you decide if you can strike a compromise at all and how you can settle these differences. A serious conversation about marriage may be unpleasant, heavy, and intense at times, but knowing your partner’s real thoughts is worth the discomfort, as you don’t want your marriage to be written off as a regrettable decision later on.

Those are just a few good ways that you can introduce the idea of a possible marriage to your man. Try all those on the list. If they don’t work, you’ll be able to think of some additional creative ones. 

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Best Man Tricks: Helping the Future Groom Propose!

Best men wear many hats, they are the groom’s best buddy, sidekick, stylist and personal assistant. As the best man your duties don’t just start and end on the wedding day. The groom might request you to run small errands like picking the best groomsmen gift or he could ask you for help with the most crucial event prior to the wedding: the proposal. Here are some great tips from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

The groom put you above everyone else in the wolf pack. You have been given the rare honor of being his right hand man so be prepared to deliver. Here’s how you can help your friend propose to his beloved:

Give the Groom a good pep talk

The future of the groom’s love life hinges on the outcome of the proposal so expect him to feel very nervous. He will need all the help and support he can get. Your encouragement doesn’t have to be grand and complicated, though. A good pep talk before the proposal can go a long way in making the groom feel more confident. Remind him of all the great moments he had with his future bride and how this is the best thing that is about to happen to him. Better yet, bring the whole gang together for drinks the night before the proposal so all of you can put your friend at ease.

Help him find the perfect ring

No proposal is complete without a ring for the groom to give to his fiance. If the groom isn’t a regular wearer or shopper of jewelry then he will probably need your help in looking for the perfect engagement band. With the day of the proposal drawing close, your friend probably has a lot of things in his mind and will need someone to help him find a ring that fits best. First learn how to determine ring size and then ask the groom other details such as his budget and what features he would like the ring to have.

Help organize the get-together

Offer to help the groom arrange the get-together so he can focus on the most important part of the event: professing his love to his fiancé. The venue of the proposal is essential because it will set the mood of the occasion. Make a list of the various places that are especially meaningful to the couple such as where they had their first date or their favorite restaurant. Once you have picked the venue, coordinate with the staff on how you can make the place more romantic. Some restaurants are often very accommodating to special requests like this and may offer special services like setting up a candlelit dinner for the couple or even have musicians play a romantic song.

Document the proposal

Your best bud is about to make one of the most meaningful decisions in his life so this is definitely something worth immortalizing. Offer to document the proposal so the couple can look back to their special day. Assuming the proposal is a surprise, you should be very subtle so use smaller gadgets like a camera phone that will let you easily take pictures of the occasion.  On the other hand, you can also pull out all the stops and use a camera drone to create an unforgettable video documentation of the proposal. Go the extra mile and add dramatic music and some heartfelt messages from friends to the video.

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San Diego Featured Proposal: Rustic Romance

Paul Douda Photography has done it again. He beautifully captured this couple's best day (so far!) of their lives. However, pretty soon they will share an even better day when they say, "I do." Take a peek at this fun loving couple and their romantic, rustic proposal at Baileys Palomar Resort!

It's Marry Me Monday with a Surprise Beach Proposal [spoiler: She Said Yes!!]

Marry Me Monday starts with a surprise beachside proposal at Bird Rock La Jolla. 

Marry Me Monday!

@Bird Rock, La Jolla

Ryan had planned his proposal to Leslie for a long time. Everyone around them knew it was happening but no one knew when. Wedding photographer Johanna Kitzman of Studio Frejya (who happens to Ryan's sister-in-law) had shown up earlier to this beach, a spot that holds special meaning to the couple and to Leslie's family, to put some writing in the sand. Of course a written proposal in the sand ended up being a big attraction for everyone who arrived at the beach and everyone wanted a snap of the message!! 

Says Johanna, "Luckily, Ryan texted me as he arrived at the location and I was able to ask everyone to step away and we instantly had the beach for ourselves. Under the pretense of helping me with a family session, Ryan led Leslie down to the cliffs. Nervous as he was, he barely made it to the spot before he got down on one knee, and with shaky hands pulled out a stunning diamond ring."

It took Leslie a few moments before she realized what was going on and when he pointed at the text in the sand her hands flew up to cover her mouth as she screamed out in joy. A resounding YES and a few tears later they celebrated with some champagne at a spot that will always hold a dear place in their heart.

Congratulations Ryan and Leslie!! 

Congratulations Ryan and Leslie!!