When Nature Calls Your Grandmother Should be able to go in Style and Comfort!

Ahh the joys of the fun and freeing outdoor wedding! Beach weddings, vineyard weddings, big back yard events, we love em! But there is one very important thing to remember about celebrating a big wedding at a non conventional, spot....and remember you’re in your best outfit, with hair and make up perfectly done, plus you’re probably in heels  ....  when you gotta go you gotta go!


Our friends at Diamond Provides specialty rentals have exactly the set up you need to make sure everyone, including Grandma, can do her business safely and securely. With private stalls, hot and cold running water and the kind of privacy that any movie star on set would love, these luxury restroom trailer suites come right to you! They have super deluxe, big and small restroom suites, and even solar powered restrooms to fit any size event.  What's the big deal about these over those horrid blue festival style porta-potty's? These are spotlessly clean ... and they flush darling, they flush.