San Diego Featured Wedding: Katie + Adam's New Family of Four

The blending of families in the pursuit of true happiness and love is always a marvelous sight. Katie and Adam wed at the San Diego Administration Center in front of just their closest friends and family. The setting was small, yet so full of bliss. And now, their little family is just that. Adam has two children of his own who stood right beside them throughout the ceremony, symbolizing the unity that this family now holds. What was once three is now four, and their family couldn't be more thrilled by their new tribe and all the love they look forward to for the rest of their lives!

Here is a little inspiration for all couples who wed and increase their family and their hearts by 'marrying' their true love's children. 

Children teach us all how to stay wrapped in the arms of love simply by the way they live each moment. They show us the truth and remind us to look out in wonder at the abundance and joy that life holds. To view everyone with the eyes of your heart and to look within and find the divine existing within yourself. Very importantly, living in love means being able to live in a place in your heart where you feel as safe and as loved as a child. And forming a circle of love that encompasses all your family and friends.

Congratulations to all the families celebrating a new marriage! 

Photographer: Paul Douda Photography// Ring Designer: Copper Canary// Floral Designer: Epic Stems// Hair Stylist:Hair by Dee Newman//Event Venue: San Diego Courthouse// Jewelry: Zales Jewelry

Adorable ring pillows with a vintage feel and lots of sweetness

Take a peek at how sweet these handmade ring pillows are for your ring bearer! Created by  Cultivar and sold on Esty we think these are just the cutest things! 

Cultivar started as an accident and opened with no plan or expectations. While recovering and bedridden after brain surgery in 2009, Katie Jeanne Reim began experimenting with making fabric flowers for her new short haircut. With so much time on her hands, a few flowers quickly turned into a living room full. 

As Katie grew stronger and was able to spend more time off the couch, she started a small online shop and posted a few flowers which quickly sold and motivated her to keep going and make more pieces. In the years that followed, Cultivar evolved into a real business and a very full time job.

All of Cultivar creations flowers start with reclaimed or new fabric and are hand cut, hand molded and hand sewn. Owner Katie Jeanne Reim says "I am addicted to searching for vintage jewelry, antique lace and romantic supplies to add to my creations. I just love being able to create the perfectly unique piece for a bride to show off on her wedding day and to treasure forever after....

...I have been overwhelmed with the love and support I’ve received from my customers. I may work long hours but I find joy in every minute of it. I am incredibly grateful to have my health and to spend every day doing what I love."