Charm Your Guests with Must-Have Wedding Ideas

Upgrade your wedding experience and treat your guests to an impressive evening with a few fun (and simple) touches. What bride doesn’t want her guests raving about her wedding!?

1. ENJOY THE VIEW: Possibly one of the easiest boxes to check for a San Diego bride - a space with a view! Select a venue where guests will be dying to Insta their panoramic surrounding! Whether it’s the mountains, the harbor or a rustic farm in East County - a gorgeous view isn’t hard to find in America’s Finest City! Check out our Venue directory for many of the top local venues.

2. TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF - STAY AWHILE: Think ahead and supply a basket or designated place for your guests to kick off their shoes and enjoy the party. Those guests that tear up the dancefloor all night will appreciate this invitation.

3. FIND A SEAT: Upgrade those paper escort cards and place cards that get lost or tossed for a beautiful seating chart. Have it large enough for the crowd to gather around and find their name. This is the most organized and simple way of instructing your guest where to sit. Plus there are so many creative ways to tie a seating chart into your theme, and your planner will appreciate being spared the alphabetizing required for escort cards.

4. EXTRA SIGNAGE: Spare your guests from getting lost! Provide extra signage to point everyone in the right direction. This is a great way to spread some theme, decor and personal touch throughout your venue.

Photo by Tim Otto Photography

Photo by Tim Otto Photography

5. GET COMFY: Create a posh space for your guests to relax during dance breaks. Rent lounge furniture complete with comfy chairs, sofas and pillows that guests can snuggle into. This is a perfect way to integrate a relaxation space into your party - with perfectly coordinated textiles.

Wedding Seating Charts and Escort Cards - What's The Difference

Chances are you will never find yourself in a situation where you are required to use the terms wedding seating chartescort card or place card properly. In fact, 99.99% of the individuals you’ll interact with during your wedding planning (except maybe your wedding planner herself), also won’t know the difference. So feel welcome to use the words interchangeably to your heart’s desire…

While the two terms Wedding Seating Chart and Escort Cards or Place Cards etc. serve fundamentally the same purpose, if you are planning to have assigned seating, you must decide which form of seating designation you are going with for your wedding. Escort cards, places cards and seating charts are equally popular and each successfully get your guests sat and ready for the party!


The seating chart has gained in popularity thanks to the creative mediums in which they’re being displayed. Window panes, reclaimed doors, large chalkboards on easels, calligraphy lists in frames...the options are endless. These can be organized alphabetically by guests name, or numerically by table number, or both (alphabetically within the table number). They are generally the least difficult and least expensive method of displaying seating assignments. And prevent you from writing on a bunch of tiny cards!


The most common option for assigning seats at a wedding is the escort card. Guests typically pick these up on their way into the reception. The cards are usually displayed alphabetically with the guests name and table number on them. They can also contain an entree selection (“fish” or a symbol of a fish) for plated dinners with multiple entree options. In this situation, the guest would have made their selection on their invitation RSVP card, and the information on the escort card would serve to communicate the entree choice to the catering wait staff. Escort cards also allow the guests to sit where they want to at a table in their preferred arrangement, while giving the bride and groom the ability to place specific guests together at the tables they prefer.


The most formal option for wedding seating arrangements is the place card. Place cards contain the guests name and go at the place where they will be sitting, their “place” at the table. Like an escort card, they can contain menu choice information. While they do require more setting up, escort cards allow you to assign tables AND seats for your guests. This saves them the trouble of fumbling their own spots and awkwardly sitting next to people they don’t know. While this may require your guests to wander around aimlessly looking for their seat (that’s one way to spend a cocktail reception), guests often feel more comfortable with their assigned spot - even if they’re next to someone they don’t know.