Surprise Proposal at San Diego State is Chock Full of Joyous Feels

Photographers get to be a part of so many special moments and live downstream of so many feels! One of our favorites is the surprise proposal! And this one delivers on all the feels!!

Chelsea and Mick both attended San Diego State University and that’s how they met 6-1/2 years ago. He decided to propose on the rooftop of the dorm where they stayed. Family and friends were there with each giving her a rose as she walked down the "aisle" with them. Each loved one also gave her one word as a blessing, only to come to her boyfriend on bended knee! Chelsea was clearly surprised - and as you can probably guess from these awesome photos - said it was the best time of her life. Congratulations Chelsea and Mick!!!

Photographer: Jeff Hall Photography//

It's Marry Me Monday with a Surprise Beach Proposal [spoiler: She Said Yes!!]

Marry Me Monday starts with a surprise beachside proposal at Bird Rock La Jolla. 

Marry Me Monday!

@Bird Rock, La Jolla

Ryan had planned his proposal to Leslie for a long time. Everyone around them knew it was happening but no one knew when. Wedding photographer Johanna Kitzman of Studio Frejya (who happens to Ryan's sister-in-law) had shown up earlier to this beach, a spot that holds special meaning to the couple and to Leslie's family, to put some writing in the sand. Of course a written proposal in the sand ended up being a big attraction for everyone who arrived at the beach and everyone wanted a snap of the message!! 

Says Johanna, "Luckily, Ryan texted me as he arrived at the location and I was able to ask everyone to step away and we instantly had the beach for ourselves. Under the pretense of helping me with a family session, Ryan led Leslie down to the cliffs. Nervous as he was, he barely made it to the spot before he got down on one knee, and with shaky hands pulled out a stunning diamond ring."

It took Leslie a few moments before she realized what was going on and when he pointed at the text in the sand her hands flew up to cover her mouth as she screamed out in joy. A resounding YES and a few tears later they celebrated with some champagne at a spot that will always hold a dear place in their heart.

Congratulations Ryan and Leslie!! 

Congratulations Ryan and Leslie!! 

Gorgeous Styled Shoot Turns Into a Surprise Proposal that will Leave You Smiling

Dillon thought it was just a styled wedding shoot, but it turned out to be one of the most joyful days of her life. Photographer and Videographer Elle Lily tricked Dillon into wearing a microphone and being interviewed for a "blog post" for her website. Dillon happily details their relationship and all the reasons she loves Hayley, moments before Hayley surprises her by popping the question! We love this surprise proposal and styled shoot rolled into one with all of its love and emotion beautifully captured on film. Be sure to watch Dillon's hilarious and adorable reaction in the video too.


Photography: Elle Lily Photography and Videography 

Videography: Elle Lily Photography and Videography 

Florals: Sweet Stems Florist

Hair and Makeup: Sandra Michelle Artistry

Cakes: The Batter up Bakery

Custom Invitations: CC Shirock Paper

Custom gown: Scr Murrieta 

Bow tie: Knotty CO. Bow Ties

Furniture Rental: Nomad Nuptials

Airbrush Tan: Land and Sea Beauty

Surprise Engagement Proposals

Proposals are a whirl-wind of excitement, nerves and head-over-heels joy. All that mixed in with tons of action, in a few short moments - it’s no wonder professional photographers are the best choice for capturing the festivities. Having great record of this often emotionally blurry yet pivotal moment is something no couple regrets.

*This may be an article you print out and “accidentally” leave for your future fiance to find.

Photos by: Derek Chad Photography

Be sure to communicate that you want to hire a photographer that will be excited, not terrified and nervous about the proposal. Be sure the photographer is aware of as many pertinent details as possible. Date, time, location, hiding spot and back up plans are all important to discuss.

This is a high stress photo job. Having as many variables planned out and all questions answered before it all goes down will still not fully prepare your photographer. But, hiring someone confident in their skills and having a good understanding of what is about to happen will prepare them to adapt for any situation.

This isn’t about a huge social obligation for guys to spend a ton of money on a proposal. The gesture of getting down on one knee and asking to spend the rest of your days together, is epic enough. It certainly doesn’t need to be completed with a flash mob. Be simple and genuine. Go with something very intimate to you. And later share the incredible moment through your awesome pictures - like these by one of our fave photographers Derek Chad. Check out our directory of amazing San Diego wedding photographers here.