Welcome Grey [with a Splash of Bright Color] as the Bold New Neutral for Weddings!

Pantone [the leader in all things 'color' worldwide] predicts color trends and influences every season. As we move closer to the Autumn season and focus turns to fashion and trends for next year -we see shades of grey coming on strong. On the heels of fashion trends are wedding style inspirations and decor decisions. No stranger to trends and style, Bright Event Rentals shows this gorgeous grey couch with pops of splashy color in a beautiful conversation setting perfect for any post ceremony cocktail hour or reception. And we are sure to see more mid century modern style trends from this design powerhouse! Check out more trends at Bright

Each season the team at the Pantone Color Institute creates the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report; a color overview highlighting the top colors fashion designers showing at NY Fashion Week will be featuring in their collections for the upcoming season. With color on the catwalk a key indicator of the color stories we can expect to see showing up across all areas of design, the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report is your easily accessible guide to the season’s most important color trends. Check out the 2018 Fashion Color Trend Report by Pantone.

The official guide to choosing the right veil from expert veil designer Justine M Couture

Ahhh the Veil, symbol of feminine beauty [briefly hidden], virtue and innocence come down the aisle to wed!  Absent for a few decades as a wedding trend, the Veil is back! We offer you an Encyclopedia of Veil terms to help you navigate this romantic and classic tradition with style.  and it a great big beautiful way!  A few to start you off...

Gown meet Veil - Veil meet Gown…

Your gown is the best tool to use when selecting a veil and accessories.  This single item so intimately highlights the outline of your personality.  A simple gown with clean lines is a clean canvas to paint on it what you will …..add a lace veil [like the one by Justine M Couture below] for a romantic vintage touch, a heavily beaded or embroidered veil for classic elegance or keep it simple with a raw cut (no trim) for effortless sophistication. 

Make your veil work for you!

Other fun tips to consider is that most cathedral veils can we double up as a wrap for an evening reception by placing the veil over the shoulders, for a multi purpose look.  Long veils can also be bustled into the skirt of the gown so that you get to wear them for longer and highlight any embroidery or detail…… be sure to make the veil work for you!  

Length, Cut and Details

The veil’s length, cut, styling and details are easier to select if you consider the style of your bridal gown.  Consideration should always be given to the back of the gown to ensure that any particular pattern or cut, bow or waist band, bustle, belt or beading on the back of your gown isn’t compromised by adding a veil with competing trim or mainly in the wrong length.  Elaborate and flamboyant gowns can be enhanced by dramatic or simple veils, depending on the wearer’s personality. 

  • Gown Shape and Width

    When choosing a veil your bridal gown’s shape and width should be considered:

    A gown with a lot of movement works well with a wavy or “waterfall” cut veil.
  • A full-skirted ball gown is the perfect gown to pair with a wide cut or “teardrop” shape veil to encompass the width of the full skirt. 
  • A gown with very straight or clean lines works well with any veil, as you can either mirror the line of the dress or create more volume with shape.
  • You can create a more dramatic silhouette with any veil by adding layers, thereby adding volume and character. Consider a circular cut veil where the comb is in the center of a circle or oval so that the trimmed edge sits around the base of the veil (i.e. away from the face) allowing you to wear a more elaborately trimmed veil.

Some 2016 Veil trends are gorgeous and dramatic lace veils, Juliet Cap veils, embellished veils with pearls and stones and sparkle, and the classic double layer veil so popular in the 1950's...enjoy!

Design, Decor and Stylings by Artist and Designer Lauren Sharon

Lauren Sharon Vintage Rentals & Design is San Diego’s oldest and largest vintage rentals company- they specialize in vintage and antique furniture rentals for weddings. We stopped in to get owner, Lauren Kimmons’ take on how to build the perfect lounge. “You don’t need a lot of furniture to make an impact as long as it’s styled appropriately.” Check out the full Design & Decor Gallery by Lauren here...

The Vintage Bohemian Lounge Trend: an update by Lauren Sharon Vintage Rentals

Vintage / Bohemian / Lounge- It’s the perfect confluence of 3 major trends in the wedding industry- casual seating options for guests, unique tailored-to-the-bride styling and a big emphasis on doing something different. So how to make this vision come to life? Start with the basic building blocks: your first step is furniture rentals. We stopped in with Lauren Sharon of Lauren Sharon Vintage Rentals for some tips on creating this exciting look!

“You don’t need a lot of furniture to make an impact as long as it’s styled appropriately. The Boho look is all about layering. Textures, patterns and finishes- it’s all fair game. Start simply with a bold oversized sofa- it will anchor your lounge and provide ample seating. From there, warm up the space with pillows and rugs. Mix a variety of textures and colors: jute rugs, ikat pillows and sequined Moroccan wedding blankets are great choices."

Lauren also recommends mixing wood and metallic finishes in the side tables and decor for an eclectic, worldly look. “We’re staging a curated hodgepodge- as if these were treasures from years of traveling the globe.” Pick 2-3 decor items that speak to you, i.e. candelabras, statuary, picture frames, etc, and feature them! Guests love to see something unexpected so have fun shopping for decor. Lauren admits she’s used bathtubs as coffee table and piles of ropes as ottomans- don’t be afraid to feature your pieces in unconventional ways.

Lastly- incorporate green plants. “The bohemian look is inherently tied to the earth so embrace it!” Talk with your florist about hanging and draping garlands or rent mature plants and trees- either way, no great lounge is complete without greenery.

The vintage bohemian lounge is a trend that’s here to stay. The options are limitless which is why we love it so much! If this sounds like a job for someone else, no worries- call a wedding designer! 

With a background in fine art- custom building and design, having creative fun comes easy to Lauren Sharon.

When you see Lauren's warehouse, you get an idea of her passion for creating spectacular, unique events but it's not just about furniture. They offer exceptional service and design, they make the design process easy and they make your wedding ideas come to life!  Visit the warehouse by appointment 7 days a week

Source: http://www.laurensharon.com/