David Otero of Movin-Tunes -the music and energy expert for your wedding!

Movin-Tunes is an award winning Turn-Key Entertainment Company owned by David Otero (DJ Simple) that offers entertainment for any occasion. From themed weddings, corporate events, private parties to band-DJ combos. They also offer custom sound mixing, lighting, audio-visual, photo booths and karaoke and work closely with one of the top favorite wedding bands in San Diego, Republic of Music.  [Editors note: we’ve hired David to work some of our most important events and he is amazing.]


David is known by the performance name DJ Simple, but there’s nothing simple about the ability to read a crowd and create a dynamic, energetic (read highly memorable) wedding reception for your diverse group of guests.  Get in touch with David for a consultation (or meet him in person at the February 25 Wedding Party EXPO at the US Grant where he will be DJ ing the 3:30 pm Presidential Ballroom fashion show on the big stage ) about how to get your wedding reception skyrocketing towards “best wedding ever“ status!

5 Things You Should Never DIY at Your Wedding

It seems a lot of couples think they need to DIY [Do It Yourself] some parts of their wedding, but is this really such a good idea? Here we offer 5 things you should never DIY at your wedding!

Personalizing your wedding, and saving a buck are a great reason to tackle some DIY wedding tasks. But there are some areas that are always better left to the professionals, no matter how visionary or budget minded you are.

1. Wedding Flowers

Even if attempting the most simple wild-flowers filled mason jar design, creating floral décor is time consuming and time critical. Because blooms are perishable, the delivery and creation timeframe is important. The precious day/hours leading up to your ceremony can be better spent pampering with your bridesmaids and enjoying your family. 

2. Bridal Hair

Regardless of the simplicity of the natural hair style you’re seeking, a professional can do your hair twice as well and twice as fast as you could – no matter how many trials you’ve ran. They will also know which products to use to ensure the look lasts you through your last dance.

3. Wedding Reception Food

Like flowers (above) food is equally perishable and requires a lot of prep work the hours leading up to the event. Professional caterers can better estimate the amount of food required for your event, can uniquely combine the favorite flavors you and your groom are after and can accommodate any dietary or allergy restrictions your guests have. And don't even get us started on attempting to create and deliver a tiered and decorated wedding cake!

4. Wedding Reception Music

Please just don’t DJ your own wedding. On behalf of the sanctity of your day, and your dear wedding guests, it is absolutely necessary to hire a professional to emcee your event, keep the event flowing, make announcements and decipher which song is best in that moment to keep the energy you are going for no matter how savvy you are with your I Tunes!

5. Wedding Event Clean Up

With the increased popularity of rustic barn weddings and exclusive venue rentals, comes the newer demand of cleanup requirements. The last thing you will want to do after joyfully celebrating the best day of your life is tidy up the after-math. Be sure to check your contract to verify the cleanup requirements.  If this is not included in the rental, be sure to source a professional cleaning company to do the job for you.  Worth every penny!

Photos By: Andie Freeman Photography