Wedding Moments that Matter More than Likes

Just imagine 50 years from now looking through these and understanding just how much these moments really mattered!! they may not matter for likes, but they sure do matter to the people who love you enough to celebrate life with you. Thanks to Bree at Parallel 33 Photograhy for loving people and for seeing and capturing amazing real moments!!

1️⃣ wedding party getting TURNT

2️⃣ guests celebrating

3️⃣ bride’s dad interrogating the groom during the garter toss

4️⃣ grandma & grandpa relishing in their own love and marriage

5️⃣ families growing up (they won’t stay little for long)

6️⃣ Jake being a charismatic goofball

7️⃣ party bus

8️⃣ holding hands on the way to ceremony

Mission Bay Wedding Pops with Color and Character at The Catamaran Resort

Mission Bay makes for a pretty and festive place to celebrate love and marriage in San Diego! And we think The Catamaran Resort & Spa is the place to be if you love the bay! Just look at this fun and colorful bayside wedding with tropical flowers in a orange and bright pink, with trending succulents and moss adding a touch of low key style! To top it off the bridesmaids wore aqua and the bay wore a beautiful sail boats and a perfect sunny San Diego day!  Aubrey and Travis chose to have a destination wedding at the beautiful Catamaran Resort & Spa on San Diego's popular Mission Bay - and what a perfect vacation that made for their guests!! This very in love duo wed on the sand, then danced the night away in an intimate ballroom with views of the bay, celebrating the quintessential San Diego, California beachfront wedding vacation style! 

DJ: Party Pam//Floral Designer: Hartworks Floral Design//Hair Stylist:Brittany Reynolds//Ceremony Location:Catamaran Resort//Caterer:Catamaran Resort//Event Venue:Catamaran Resort//Photographer: Savoring The Sweet Life Photography//

Unforgettably Cool Wedding Reception Table DIY Ideas from IKEA, yup IKEA

You know you love IKEA for every single item in your kitchen, bath, bedroom, and study but IKEA can also help you DIY the coolest most unforgettable wedding tabletops and decor for your wedding reception! Check out what their Interior Designer Emma did for this couple, wth dramatic elements, a dedicated cake area, a super inviting table for guests and a stunning, stark white palette of IKEA gems mixed with greens and nature! LOVE! 

IKEA has an amazing Wedding Registry that makes it so easy for your guests, friends and family to get you what you want [with many very affordable options]. Source out tons of items for your reception that will then work for you for years to come at home! Editor's note: we already bought two of the Solig net

How to Totally Spoil Your Wedding Guests (and not go broke doing it!)

We believe that your wedding should be a totally special day - obviously for you and your partner, but also your wedding guests. After all, this is a group of people you’re choosing to share the happiest day of your life with! Your guests deserve to be spoiled and there are plenty of ways to make them feel treated on your wedding day that won’t blow the budget. Here are a few fun and memorable ways to do just that...

photo by Paul Douda Photography

photo by Paul Douda Photography

Wedding favors that wow

One of the most obvious ways to make your guests feel special is with some fabulous wedding favors. There are so many different avenues you can go down with wedding favors, and the great news is you can do many of them affordably. Our advice is to channel your love for your guests, and give them something from the heart. A personalized, home-made gift will mean so much more to them than splashing the cash on excessive wedding favors…. get creative and channel your inner craft goddess, or bake something - or brew something! Fill little jars with home-made chutneys, or vintage mini glass bottles with home-made punch or elderflower champagne. There are lots of great ideas for wedding favors out there... And don’t worry - if you’re not super creative, or don’t have the time to make your favors, there is help around! Quirky websites like have a wide range of wedding favors to inspire you at a bargain price - a smooth way of taking the stress out of making your wedding favors while still allowing you to personalize and create cute little gifts for your guests.

adorable  customized wedding favor  playing cards by

adorable customized wedding favor playing cards by

Show or write your appreciation

It’s your special day, and you’ve asked your guests to help you celebrate it. But often as the bride and groom, you’re simultaneously off playing host to everyone, making sure everything is going to plan, and trying to keep a creepy uncle from coming onto the bridesmaids. It’s a juggling act, and it sometimes means you don’t get to see enough of the people you most want to. Let them know how much you appreciate them being a part of the big day with handwritten name places for tables - maybe include a word of thanks or a reason why you love them so much!

image by Paul Douda Photography

image by Paul Douda Photography

Let your wedding guests pick the music…

Risky, oh so risky… But it’ll shake up the music that the DJ plays in the evening, and means that no one is sat in a corner all night wondering why they never get to hear a song they like. Obviously it’s a good idea to vet the music suggestions first, so you can stop any inappropriate choices before they hit the dance floor… but why not! It won’t cost anything extra, and your guests will have a great time!

Great idea alert: why not make everyone little mixtapes of your wedding playlist so they can listen to songs from the wedding and think back to what an amazing day it was.

Give your wedding guests something useful

If you’re getting married in California, chances are it’s going to be a beautiful sunny day. This is why sunglasses wedding favors are such a great idea if you’re having a summer wedding. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony or reception, personalized sunglasses that your guests will actually be able to use on the day are fun, cheap, and easy to do. They’re also a a cute reminder of your sun-soaked special day. 

Other fun but practical ideas are sunscreen, handheld fans or parasols for your guests. No one wants to leave a wedding early because they’ve got sunstroke! Lemonade anyone?

photo by Paul Douda Photography

photo by Paul Douda Photography

Set up a candy corner or wedding reception dessert bar

Treat your guests to treats! Pretty much everyone has a sweet tooth…Setting up a candy store is a sure-fire way to delight your wedding guests (and spoil their inner child) - fill yours with vintage candy, mini popcorn buckets, cookies and milkshakes, baked goods… Check out our previous posts and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for lots more inspiration. This is your time to shine if you love your making and baking!  Any kids that are coming to your wedding will love you forever as a result, and the adults taking a rest from the dancing for a late-night snack will definitely feel the same…

image by Paul Douda Photography

image by Paul Douda Photography

Don’t forget the kids at your wedding!

Your little weddings guests deserve to be treated just as much as your big ones. Think about what they’d enjoy too, and how you could make things like your wedding favours suitable for children too. For example, if you’re giving your adults guests home-bottled cocktails, use the same bottles but fill them with milkshakes or hot cocoa for the kids.

It’s also super easy for kids to get bored and grouchy over the course of a long wedding, so why not combat this by keeping them happy with plenty of games and fun things to do? If you’re having a beach wedding, how about making a beach games box full of bats and balls and other toys, or maybe setting up a scavenger hunt? (Obviously getting a responsible adult to supervise while you’re hunting out the canapes.)This is a great opportunity for your smaller guests to make some new friends and have fun with people their own age!

These are just a few ideas on how you can totally spoil your guests on your wedding day without breaking the bank... Do you have any you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments below...

image by Paul Douda Photography

image by Paul Douda Photography

Article by guest editor Hollie Jones: Hollie is a freelance writer and co-writer for the Hollie and the Ivy blog. She is passionate about upcycling, interior design, crafts and weddings. Hollie enjoys writing about these topics and spreading her knowledge and experience to others.  

**Want to see more of this awesome wedding photography? Visit expert San Diego wedding photographer Paul Douda's website

6 really special wedding moments captured on camera prepare you for the feels!

Weddings are all about emotions: sharing them, feeling them and celebrating them. Here are 6 amazing emotional wedding moments capturing people as they celebrate love and all the feels! Grab a hankie!

#1 The Vow Feels. 
This beautiful Bride became overwhelmed with emotions after her Groom said his vows to her. We love this very sweet moment of him kissing her on the shoulder since he couldn't quite yet give her a first kiss yet! 

#2 The Maid of Honor Feels.
That sweet moment during the Maid of Honor's speech where she can't catch her breath from crying as she shares her joy and happiness for her best friend. Cue the Bride wiping away the tears and hold her hand through the rest of the speech. 

#3 The Groom First Look Feels.
This love-filled Groom was speechless and broke down during the very first glimpse of his lovely Bride. 

#4 The Wedding Surprise Feels.
During their New Years Eve Rancho Santa Fe wedding, it was so cold outside that their wedding cake froze! When the Brides went to cut into it their knife handle broke off and their reactions were priceless! 

#5 The Wedding Guest Feels
Your friends and family are feeling the love too! A very sweet and loving moment captured of married guests at a wedding. Proof that guests are just as in love as the Bride and Groom! 

#6 The Joyful Family Feels.
This Mother of the Groom had a great time listening to the wedding party roast the Bride & Groom during their entrances. After all that emotion you really need a good laugh to celebrate such an amazing life event. 

And speaking of the feels....a great big thank you to wedding photographer extraordinaire Paul Douda Photography for capturing all this love and emotion and sharing it with us! 

Charm Your Guests with Must-Have Wedding Ideas

Upgrade your wedding experience and treat your guests to an impressive evening with a few fun (and simple) touches. What bride doesn’t want her guests raving about her wedding!?

1. ENJOY THE VIEW: Possibly one of the easiest boxes to check for a San Diego bride - a space with a view! Select a venue where guests will be dying to Insta their panoramic surrounding! Whether it’s the mountains, the harbor or a rustic farm in East County - a gorgeous view isn’t hard to find in America’s Finest City! Check out our Venue directory for many of the top local venues.

2. TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF - STAY AWHILE: Think ahead and supply a basket or designated place for your guests to kick off their shoes and enjoy the party. Those guests that tear up the dancefloor all night will appreciate this invitation.

3. FIND A SEAT: Upgrade those paper escort cards and place cards that get lost or tossed for a beautiful seating chart. Have it large enough for the crowd to gather around and find their name. This is the most organized and simple way of instructing your guest where to sit. Plus there are so many creative ways to tie a seating chart into your theme, and your planner will appreciate being spared the alphabetizing required for escort cards.

4. EXTRA SIGNAGE: Spare your guests from getting lost! Provide extra signage to point everyone in the right direction. This is a great way to spread some theme, decor and personal touch throughout your venue.

Photo by Tim Otto Photography

Photo by Tim Otto Photography

5. GET COMFY: Create a posh space for your guests to relax during dance breaks. Rent lounge furniture complete with comfy chairs, sofas and pillows that guests can snuggle into. This is a perfect way to integrate a relaxation space into your party - with perfectly coordinated textiles.