Quite possibly the most beautifully iced cookies in the world

We caught this the other day as it went by on Facebook and it blew our minds! The artistry! The colors! The skill! The patience! These 'embroidered' cookies by Hungarian artist and baker Mezesmanna are the coolest thing for any special event!! They're almost too pretty to eat! (we did say almost.)

Think of the art of embroidery itself: hours of painstaking skill goes into creating a delicate and beautiful finished product to last generations. With these delicious 'embroidered' cookies you'd best enjoy the craftsmanship quickly as it may not last five minutes before it gets popped into your mouth!  Some of these works of art remind us of beautiful, traditional Eastern European folk dresses...what a talent!


Check out this fascinating video of how this artisan creates her beautiful embroidery designs in icing on cookies [and cakes!]