Tim Otto Photography and The Great San Diego Engagement Shootout

We had so much fun sponsoring this cute contest with some of the area's top photographers! Here are Victoria and Patrick as captured by Tim Otto Photography on Valentine's Day at The Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Resort Great Engagement Shootout Contest. 

Victoria's Story:

Victoria was born and raised in Las Vegas and went to Boston University for college. She studied abroad one summer in China and fortuitously met Luke Herman, although she actually found him annoying at the time. :P It wasn’t until the many China reunions back in Boston when they bonded and she fully realized the magnificence of Mr. Herman.

Fast forward to 2011… Victoria was in Australia and agreed to go home one week earlier than planned just for Luke’s birthday celebration in Vegas. He had a Facebook event set up for it, so of course Victoria had to creep and see if there would be any potential cuties there. This dude named Patrick Border stood out the most, and when she met him in person for the first time, it was confirmed—target acquired! ;)

Victoria and Patrick’s stories of what actually happened that weekend will forever differ…but what can be agreed upon was that’s when their relationship began to bud. Patrick insisted on continuing to text Victoria afterwards, despite texts costing her 10 cents per text at the time! :o (Victoria eventually got with the times and added unlimited texting just for Patrick.)

Half a year of long distance nonsense later, Victoria moved to San Diego, and it’s been amazing ever since. Victoria and Patrick are thrilled for this new chapter in their lives and so look forward to partying and celebrating their love with their family and friends.

Patrick's Story:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Patrick had been to Las Vegas numerous times before but had never really Las Vegas’d before, so when grad school buddy Luke Herman announced he wanted to celebrate his birthday in Las Vegas in March of 2011, Patrick had no choice but to join in. After a long and rough trip in Bar Van, Patrick and Co. arrived in Vegas and were greeted by Victoria in the hotel lobby. After sensing an initial spark, Patrick kept his game face on the entire weekend and didn’t let go of the girl, even after leaving Vegas.

He continued to text and message her, even though she was very clear that she leaving Las Vegas for Chicago and then, who knows where. However, after convincing her to come to LA for a Clippers game, and then later to San Diego for his graduate school Prom, Patrick and Victoria became official in May of 2011, with Victoria finally moving to San Diego later that year.

4 ½ years, 2 moves and a cat adoption later, Patrick popped the question to Victoria in Rosarito, Mexico in September of 2015. After taking her time to respond (she loves to point out that she didn’t say yes immediately), Victoria and Patrick are happily engaged and excited to tie the knot in beautiful San Diego at The Darlington House!

And these charming images showcase exactly why you get professional engagement shots done! Thank you Tim Otto!! 

Source: http://www.timotto.com/