Wedding Day Must Haves to Keep You Looking and Feeling Your Best!

Wedding Day Must-Haves - Great tips to Keep You Looking and Feeling Your Best!

Any bride- or groom-to-be knows that planning a wedding isn’t easy, but can be a lot of fun and definitely pays off when the big day is finally here. A lot of decision-making and effort goes into the year or months before the wedding, but oftentimes, day-of tasks get forgotten in all of the excitement. One piece in particular that gets neglected is the getting ready process. Weddings often take place at a venue, leaving the bride to pack a bag (or two or three) with belongings that she might need to get ready to walk down the aisle. But what should be packed?

Hair, skin and nails

Every bride wants to look glowing in her wedding photos. A big, beautiful smile will do wonders, but if you’re looking to make sure your hair, skin and nails are perfect as well, make sure you prepare to keep them on-point the day of your wedding.

For your hair, you’re likely going to have practice appointments with your stylist in advance, so have conversations with him or her on any products that you might need. Sometimes they will supply items such as hairspray and bobby pins, and other times they’ll expect you to have them. It’s pertinent that you get on the same page. If you’re wearing special hair clips on your wedding, have some back up pins or clips handy (in your hair color, if possible), in case anything breaks or doesn’t work as it should. Also make sure you have extra-hold hairspray on hand, as well as a hair tie (these are great for maintaining crease-free hair!) for putting your hair up when you hit the dance floor with your new spouse.

If you’re getting married outside, protect your skin with sunscreen. Be sure to check out all of your options and find a product that won’t leave behind a greasy coat or make you smell like you just stepped off of the beach. Moisturizer is also a great idea for battling dry patches or simply for getting a little extra glow. With all skin products, make sure you try them out beforehand to check for any poor interactions. No bride wants an unexpected breakout!

Nails might not seem that important to every bride, but your hands will be in your photos as your photographer snaps pictures of your wedding ring, holding hands or any other photo opps that pop up. If you opt for a color or for fake nails, make sure you have a matching bottle of nail polish handy, or glue, to handle any digs, chips or broken pieces. If you’re not doing something fancy, a nail file and a clear coat will do the trick!

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Your wardrobe

For some brides, their dress is the most important piece of clothing that they will ever buy. Therefore, it needs to fit perfectly. Fittings will help get the sizing just right, but sometimes there are tiny fit issues that occur the day of your wedding. Stay prepared with a comfortable and supportive strapless bra, sewing materials and wardrobe tape. If you’re dress has any buttons, think about getting some extras in case one pops off. While you’ve already picked out the perfect pair of wedding shoes, bring along an extra option, such as flats or flip flops for something comfortable to slip into if your feet begin to get sore.

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Stay healthy

Accidents happen, which is when a small first-aid kit will be super helpful. Even blisters from shoes can benefit from a quick dab of ointment and a bandage. Make sure you have some pain-relievers tucked in your kit as well in case a headache pops up, and don’t forget to pack a small snack and bottle of water to ease your stomach and stay hydrated.

Thoughtful side notes

There are going to be so many people that help make your wedding day a success. From parents to siblings, the wedding party, guests and vendors, wedding-day helpers are going to help out as much as possible. Show them that you appreciate what they’ve done by keeping some thank-you cards handy. You can even plan ahead with small gifts for your bridesmaids, parents, future in-laws and future spouse. Etsy is full of unique and thoughtful gifts that they won’t expect, but will definitely appreciate.

Ultimately every bride’s wedding-day bag is going to be different from the next. These are just some of the items worth considering, but there are surely others that will help make your day as stress-free as possible. Lean on those around you for suggestions, think through your big day from start to finish, and plan ahead so you’re prepared to focus on what’s most important - enjoying your special day.