Wedding Day Tip #42: remember to eat a good breakfast on your wedding day

Top local wedding caterer Authentic Flavors Catering has awesome advice for your wedding day! They say "the morning of your wedding will be full of jobs that need to get done. Between your hair and makeup appointments and getting your dress on, you’ll easily lose the whole morning. Your groom will also be busy doing his last minute preparations. One thing you shouldn’t forget is your breakfast.

The saying that it’s the most important meal of the day is even more true on your wedding day. While your guests will have a bit of food before they go out, and small bites during your cocktail hour, you might not get to eat until your dinner.


One way to ensure you have a great and healthy breakfast is to have it catered. As you get ready, you can have a beautiful spread laid out. Whether it’s frittatas or fresh fruit, your wedding caterer can help with this meal that will help you get off on the right foot."  Check out more ideas and info on their website, you can count on Authentic Flavors Catering to know just how to take care of you on your wedding day.