Why a Photographic Portrait Artist is your Best Friend at your Wedding

Paul Barnett, photographic artist, wedding photographer and portrait genius says “You live your life and we’ll tell your story by never missing the little things; your brother’s goofy smile, your dad’s hands, the look in your best friend’s eyes. We will build a collection of captivating photos that are genuine, unrehearsed and bring to life the small nuances that define us as individuals,close family and good friends. The late photographer Helen Levitt said it best… ‘To frame the telling gesture and walk across the threshold of another’s soul’” See more of this talented artists work. 

Paul Barnett's "simple, yet revealing" portraiture breaks the complex rules of studio imagery and focuses on the soul. His photography is effortless and uncomplicated, bringing to life the real child. Paul’s work is evidence of his unobtrusiveness and his quick, spontaneous eye. He is invisible during the process, allowing his subjects to be relaxed, and most importantly, be themselves. His photographic intuition allows him to release the shutter at the decisive moment.

After opening his studio in 1991, Paul’s reputation soon grew as the preeminent wedding photojournalist and the choice for those families seeking genuine documentation of the growth and development of those we love.

Paul’s photographic intuition allows him to release the shutter at the decisive moment. Based on a mandate to be truly reactive rather than proactive and a dedication to record events as a historian rather than a director. The final result is a collection of photographs, genuine and unrehearsed, that bring to life the small idiosyncrasies that define us as individuals, close family and good friends.

And we think no one captures the joy of children better than Paul Barnett!